Pain Management

Sinus problems?  Ear problems?  In the middle of summer?


Could not even make it out of bed yesterday.


I decided to face the enemy and go with it.

After all, pain management is not always a pill.

It is mind control.

Yeah,  I don’t feel well.

But I have miles to go today, before I sleep, including all the stuff I didn’t do yesterday and another lovely dental appointment.

I really love summer, but secretly, am happy it isn’t always this hot and humid.


Not for me.

Came home after a few glasses of ice and beer with Sissy Belle.

Such a thoughtful person, bringing me home made mac and cheese, to eat with this crazy temporary dental bridge.

Oh Wow was out all day in the heat.

I tried to warn him, but being an alpha male, he didn’t listen.


He is stretched out, sound asleep.

Puff Daddy was lonely today.

She met me in the basement, as I came home.

Oh how I love my little goofy family.

AC is on, in the bedroom.

Come on you two.

Let’s crash.

Until tomorrow,





I wanna know;  Have you ever married someone who had absolutely no passion for you?

And: I wanna know:  Is it better to have loved someone intensely, who would have given up everything, just to be with you, regardless of the consequences?

Or have you found true love, and given it up, because you had children who depend on you

Or maybe you decided that life is all about family.


Some of us just want to be loved.

And some of us just want to love.

It’s ok.

I am not sure if there is perfect love.

It seems that love comes and goes.

A word to the wisdom from the chicken butt: Grab it.

Go for it.

Enjoy it.


And have the happiest moments  that will last forever….in your mind and memory.

In the meantime…. have a glass of wine or two.

And toast to those know what I mean.


I barked up the wrong tree and had to close windows 10

Hey kiddies….

I upgraded to windows 10

and guess what?

I could not get back into the Bwolf blog.

Oh no.

That won’t do.

No matter how goofy bwolf is, I have to be able access it, especially after an evening with Chris, Chris, Chris and Chris, not to mention Colleen, Jodi, Scott and 2 Irish perverts who invaded the scene.

I ordered a plain Orange Juice, twice, but had a sneaky suspicion that someone spiked my drinks.
Not once, but twice.

Out of control once again.

The crazy greeter, that was me.

The bog beast.

The creature from down under.

The goof who cannot ride a train or wear an apron.

Oh never mind.

I am so silly tonight.

But !!!

I got rid of windows 10

and I ain’t going back.

I can’t wait for tomorrow.

It is bound to be a sparkling day.

But for now, tonight is a fabulous celebration of life.

Just kidding.

It ain’t bad for a Monday night.

Enjoy your life, every day.

It’s all we have.



Thank you Robyn, for your decision to serve our country

For 14 years, I have watched Robyn grow up.

She was the sweetest kid who accompanied her Grandma every month, to the Breakfast Club.

The Breakfast Club is a small group of friends who worked at Metlife, and who decided to keep in touch, forever, when the facility closed.

Little Robyn.

Oh my.

So shy.

When it was her turn to order breakfast, she would look at Grandma Sue, who would say:  “Chocolate milk and pancakes, please.”

As the years went by, Robyn’s interests centered around horses, art, softball and finally, computer games.

Now she is 18, and committed to devoting at least the next 4 years to serving our country, in the Navy.

So young.

So fragile.

So very sweet.

My best wishes go out to you, Rob, as you prepare yourself for boot camp, and your new profession.

God bless you!

And thank you!


You make all of us proud.


Life is a magical miraculous gift, if you live in the moment.

The rain.  Oh the rain.

I have just one question:  Who’ll stop it?

Feeling water logged, soggy and a teensy bit tipsy.

Yes, the rain made me drink tonight.

Stopped by the local watering hole, to join a friend who was in pain.

After 3 hours, I think the pain had eased up a tad.  Ha!

Oh what a great Friday night it was.

The cats, of course, were waiting for me, to come home.

I know now why they have a love/hate relationship with me.

I am the only one around.

And I do occasionally come home, half in the bag, to feed them.

I have observed, however, that regardless of what they eat, they stare at me, relentlessly, until I feed them again.

What the hell?
I am not a fabulous cat owner.

I am just a mediocre substitute for their true love, Jimmy, who had the nerve to die and to leave me with these 2 beasts.

And so, on this Friday evening, in July, reflecting on the day, I have to say that it was a day like no other.

You see, all days are like no other.

If you wake up in the morning,  it is a special gift, to experience whatever life brings to you and to what you bring to life.

Hope we have that opportunity again, tomorrow!



A philosophical blog after 4 beers.

Almost oppressive.

Yes, it was a hhh day, with tornadoes.

Are summer storms comparable to winter storms?

My take?

A blizzard lasts for days.

Oh, it might snow like a SOB for a day, but the aftermath can linger for days.

Where’s my car?

Under a snowbank.

If you live in rural Pennsylvania, you might get out, but then there is the challenge of driving in freezing rain, icy roads and black ice.

In the summer?

A tornado rips through the neighborhood in a matter of minutes, uprooting trees, tearing the shingles off the roof, and sending cows flying into space.

Ok, so move to Puerto Rico.


Until the hurricane season.

Is there a perfect place on this planet?

Don’t count on it.

Life is an adventure.

It is not for the weak nor timid among us.

Oh yeah, we can worry our asses off over what might happen.

And if something does happen, if we are still alive after the event, we somehow manage to rebuild, to renew and to go on.

So tonight, on this hazy, hot, humid day, with a sprinkling of tornadic activity, it appears that I have survived, to face another day.

I hid from my fears, and joined friends at a local bar.

You know, that God protects the infirm and the drunks.

And if you are like me, and happen to be both, well, hello!

Until tomorrow,





Nevada needs you…..Mary Jane.

I didn’t mean to intrude.

Well, sometimes I just like to be with happy people, even if they look like chipmunks.

Thanks, for the hospitality,  Bucky Beaver.

Oh wait.

It isn’t Bucky.

It is Ace, the hummingbird.

No, it is Bandit, the cat, who misses Shamus.

All righty then.

It’s the blonde bomber and Ray.

Believe me, if you ever need to get your mojo together, and hang out, just to feel good, the P and R show will deliver you to paradise,

With the hostas and the purple flowers and the endless glasses of beer.

I love having an evening where the chicken butt can be it/her self and just chill.

Is tomorrow Friday?

Summertime:  What a wonderful time of year.

Who cares what day it is.

Hope you feel better, Patti.

Oh my my.

Oh hell yes.

You know what?

I am getting tired of Tom Petty.

If he really cared, he would know that Nevada is out of weed.



Never drink on a train in your prom dress

Observations from a slightly crazed perspective:

Nuts in a trail mix are bland as hell.

Never drink on a train.

Don’t wear your prom dress when the boss comes in for a visit.

Even if it is years since your last cig, you will still occasionally feel the urge.

Whatever you packed for lunch looks crappy when it is time to eat.

If you stop for a drink after work, try to maintain some dignity.  (Hehe)

Eat garlic.  You will ward off the vampires….. and every other living or dead creature for at least a day or two.

Turn off the AC on a July night in Pennsylvania, and sweat your ass off,  just for kicks.

Have an old fashioned rootbeer float party.  No, on second thought, make it a margarita party.  Forget the ice cream.  Make mine a double.

Write a blog.  Ok,  on second thought, don’t.  It is a dumb thing to do.  But it can be a hoot when you are half in the bag.

Until tomorrow, kiddies…..



What in the hell is that?



Come on!

How did that happen?

It was Friday, I blinked my eye…. and here it is :  Monday.

Oh oh.

I have to be on my best behavior today.

Visitors at work.

What’s this at my desk?

A birthday present?

Oh boy.

From Scottie!


A chicken head.

Not a real chicken, a chicken head to wear on my head.

Of course, I had to wear it around the office for awhile, before the visitors showed up.

I can’t tell you how many people jumped out of their seats when they saw this crazy chicken woman walking around the office.

I am getting scarier by the minute.

Frightening, in fact.

A real whack job.

Thank you Scottie!

I love my chicken head.


A great day, after all.

Do what makes you laugh.

Be silly.

Life is too short to be anything other than yourself…

Especially if you are a chicken.


A funny thing happened on the way to the winery

Sunday :  a day of rest.


Well, not really.

Grocery shopping.

Stopped for breakfast.

And then….

Hi Ho

Hi Ho

It’s off to the winery we go.

However, a funny thing happened on the way to the winery…..

And we . Sissy Belle and I, were on our way, when we noticed a party going on in the neighborhood.

What a lovely time we had, the two party crashers.

Beer, food and friendly conversation.

Who are these people?

We decided the winery was not an option.

Hello Specs!

And hello, Travis and Austin.

Two kids who were just chilling, having a few beers, when the idiots arrived.

Oh what an afternoon.

Craziest conversation and laughter ever…

And charades!

What a hoot.

Home now, before the sun goes down.

Another weekend adventure.

Life…. love it or hate it, it’s all we have.

My preference?

Yeah, love it.

Enjoy it.

I love meeting new friends, being a silly goof and making the most of a Sunday afternoon.