Don’t judge me, as I drink myself into oblivion.

Hello friends.

Yes, I had a few too many.

Thanks, Tim and Pam and Davey.

You know what?

I had a wonderful afternoon.

It was one of those WTF is life all about.

So what if gravity decides to expose one as an asshole.

Sometimes we cannot lift ourselves to elevation, without those friends,. who will do it for us,


Thanks, friends.

I will always remember those who elevated me from the abyss.

And guess what?

You rock.


Time for sleepy pie.

Isn’t that ridiculous?


How  many people at least 45 , or more, trying to get the chx b into her car?



In my demented mind?

I need to get the hell out, to live with those who care about me, in Minnesota.

Oh oh.

Seems that they prefer to be somewhere else.

A lone wolf.

That  is  me.

Let us rejoice in the season, and be as crazy as we are.

Can someone please take me out back and shoot me?





What do you like about Christmas?

The season is upon us.

What does it do for you?

Do you go about your days, greeting others with a cheerful and jolly attitude?

Do you decorate to the max?

Do you watch Christmas movies and listen to the holiday music?

Or do you worry about what to give, to whom to give, and spend like you have no limits?

Do you have a list of who and what and when and why?

And do you wonder if it is “good” enough?

In my opinion?

Christmas is for the little ones.

The magic and the gift giving, that is.

My favorite gift is to be with friends, over lunch or a drink, to share our memories of the past year and to toast to the new year.

And of course, to be able to give to those less fortunate, anonymously.

Tis the season, to acknowledge those we meet, with a smile.

Finding a common bond and accepting one another, as we are, is one of the most heart warming things in this world.

Just think how wonderful it would be, if the “season” would last forever.

All it takes is for you and I to make it happen.


Those who give the most are the ones who have the least

What’s it like to have a perfect life?

Some will say:  A beautiful home. Nice cars, boats, vacations, money and fabulous parties.


A sick cat, an old creaking house, oil in the furnace, a TV in the bedroom and great friends.

Satisfaction in my life is all about relationships.

Everyone has a story.

Just give it time.


And they will open up and share that story.

When our time is up, what will be our legacy?

Our material belongings?

Our riches?

Perhaps.  if we have shared what we had with those less fortunate.



And giving.

That is my legacy.

No man is an island.

We are all reflections of one another.





Butterflies are really old people, who decide to come out of the cocoon.

Slightly wild last night.


Been a long time since I felt this way, this morning.

It has been said that getting old sucks.

Yes, it does, at times.

But for the most part, it is a wonderful time of life.

No one tells you to get the hell home.

No one asks where you have been.

No one sets your agenda.

You eat when you feel like eating.

You hang out with friends, and enjoy the moment.

Yeah, so there are a few more aches and pains, but so what?

Freedom rings in the golden years.

No more sleep deprivation.

Go to bed when  you are tired, get up when you feel like it, and start another adventurous day.

The sky’s the limit.

Becoming your own person is one of the most satisfying phases of life.

I  hope, as you age, you will enjoy it as much as I do.



Democracy: Power lies with the people

Who really cares what others may think?

At the end of the day, do you reflect on those who disagree with you?

Or are you inclined to be safe?

To enjoy those who support your views?

The path of least resistance?

A closed mind.

When we open our minds and our hearts and we listen to one another, we find a common bond.

No judging.

Just an exchange of ideas.


It’s ok to disagree.

In the end?

We believe in out leaders, our senators and our representatives to protect, preserve and to defend our constitution.

Freedom:  Speech, assembly, press, religion…..

Is there anything better?

I love this country.

Government of the people, by the people and for the people shall not perish from the earth.

We are blessed.

Preserve and protect.




Flopping my day away

Not sure if was the shopping or the lunch.

However, one of the two made me feel awful.

Like the sick woman I am, it was home for me.

Comfort please!

Nighty, robe, and quilts were calling, to ward off the evil spirits and chills.

And this happened at 1pm.

Flopped down in bed and began to watch a marathon of news programs.

I think that made me feel even worse.

Recovery is imminent.

Feeling semi frisky at 7am.

My resolution today:

No shopping.

No off the wall restaurants for lunch.

And no news programs.

Wait:  I lied.

I have to pick up a clove of garlic, to wear as a necklace.

I anticipate a spectacular day ahead!



The world is smiling


All it takes is a pink hat with a pompon to make the world smile.

First stop:  Dunkin.

Coffee, bagel and smiles all around the mulberry bush.


Grocery store.

Walking through the aisles:  Why is everyone making eye contact and smiling at me?

It has to be that hat.

Christmas shopping:  My preference?  Cyber.

However, today, the girl in the pink hat was retailing it.

Oh yeah!

Hi everyone!

Merry Christmas!!

Smiles, smiles, smiles.

Getting slightly weary, on my way to meet Paul, Kim, Todd, Davey and Dana.

A crazy afternoon.

The kind I cannot resist.

A few drinks, friends, laughter and nonsense.

I wonder if life is just an illusion,.

What we sow, we reap.

Is it imaginary?

Or real?

Or is there, in fact any difference?

In walks Deep Throat, feeling much better.

So happy to see him, after all the pain and suffering.

Cheers to all!

A fabulous Tuesday.

Who wants to join me for another adventure tomorrow?

If not, I completely  understand.

After all, who wants to hang out with the town drunk?

Just remember: I will be wearing the magical pink hat with a pompon.

And the world will smile with me.





White vs Red

Monday, following the Sunday wine tour.

Well now, red wine never resulted in a wine hang over.


My newly found preference.


This morning?

Lethargic, in reality, quite painful.


Get me out of here.

No more wine.

Not now.

Not ever.

Time to find an alternative.

A good lunch:

Salad, meatball parm and a lovely club soda, cranberry juice and vodka.


A Christmas gift from one of the super women in my life:  Pam.

What a great hat.

Rock stars never die.

The Chx Butt is alive and gorgeous in her new penguin hat.

Had a hilarious time watching Trains, Planes and Automobiles.

Ended the afternoon enjoying the company of the blue eyed wonder of the world.

Home now.

It was a very good day, just as every day is, that I am alive.

Live in the moment.

That is what life is about.


Spontaneous combustion!


Not expecting to do a whole lot today, other than greeting Mary Kate, and having a few drinks.

Oh, was I wrong!

It was the craziest Saturday ever.

Laughing my axx off, from the moment I arrived.

Several hours later, giving hugs to the cute boys I just met, along with the 3 Chris’s, Ted and Tim.

Yes, it was 420.

The bewitching hour, when the Chx Butt turns into a wild banshee.

Reluctant to leave the “round table” at the bar, all good things must come to an end.

This afternoon could never by duplicated.

It was a spontaneous celebration among old and new friends.


We are all old friends.

A great time, indeed!



Lunching with a new friend

On the way to brunch, I met Colleen, who works at the hospital, has 2 kids and is single.

Seems like we have known one another for a long time, at least longer than the hour or so we dined together.

We have common threads and then again, not so common.

She and I are at opposite sides of the political spectrum.

She likes liver and onions, and finally found a meat market that sells liver.

Me?  No thanks.

We have similar opinions on serving the public, and will use humor to win over the crab apples of the world.

For Christmas,  her most wished for gift?  A weekend in the Poconos with her boyfriend.

For me?  I already bought my new pink hat.

Colleen is much more organized and refined than I am.

She said she is a social butterfly.

By her standards, I am a wild, rabid bat.

Some people click and others clack.

Colleen is a definite clicker.