The jackal has false teeth.

The day of the jackal.


Did I say jackal?

How about jack ass?

And (thunderous applause):  It is I.

Yes, Pogo, we have met the enemy and he is us.

I had a jackass kind of day.

Some people are in a New York State of Mind and others have left their hearts in San Fran, but me?

Well, it was just one of those kind of days that defied reason.

Yeah, I got my permanent bridge.

No, I will never be able to eat an apple, or an ear of corn, the normal way.

And pizza?  I will still have to cut it into pieces.

The bridge spans 5 teeth.

And the more teeth?

Well, the more pressure it puts on the bridge.

Some day it could be the Bridge on the River Kwai.

Blown up by a bite, into the crunchy side of life.

So, I can either resolve to eat oatmeal, yogurt and noodles,

Or I can defy gravity and bite into a bagel or a lemon, and boom!


Actually, that is the good news of today.

The rest of the day went to hell in a hand basket.

Until tonight, when I decided to let it all hang out, and ran into new and old friends.

When I got home, I saw 2 gorgeous tomatoes sitting outside.

A present from a good friend, from his garden.

I wonder if I can bite into one of those sweet, lovely balls of happiness?

Or maybe I should just forget it and eat a long hot.

Don’t ask.

It’s a long story.

Until tomorrow,




It is ok. I accept you and your philosophy…. Just help me to understand.

Great balls of fire!

Today was a ballsy day.

It takes a whole lot of fluff, to get me riled up, and it rarely surfaces.

But when it does.

I prefer to lay it all out:  to discuss, to explain, to understand, and to come to some sort of compromise.

And it took some time, but it did happen.

But that is work.

After work, that is another story.

There are some things that just cannot be tolerated.

Not just at work.

But also in America.

We take one step forward and two steps back.

Hatred, prejudice, bigotry, and intolerance seem to be prevailing.

What happened to us?

Can we continue to live with ourselves and our neighbors in combat?

Do we come together, to try to understand one another, armed with weapons?

Do we believe that in this country, we are civilized?

Or are we just fooling ourselves?

Has anything changed?

For the better?

For the worse?

I am disillusioned with our leadership, our resolve and our failure to move on with life.

To embrace diversity and to live in peace.

To find the courage to say enough is enough and to come together, peacefully, to settle our differences and to obliterate the reasoning that one race is superior to another.

I fear that our democracy is at stake,

And for the most part, most of us just sit back, observe and let it happen.

We vocalize our opinions, we post our feelings on social media, we divide ourselves into liberals or conservatives.

But don’t we all want the same thing?

To be able to live our lives, in peace, and to let others do the same?

Yes, there is evil in this world.

There are those who would like to destroy us…. and themselves.

I just don’t understand how the human animal has become so knowledgeable, over all these centuries, only to fight one another.

Will we finally destroy one another?

And for what?

My thought tonight:  May you and your family and friends be safe and secure.

And tomorrow, may we all find the path to acceptance of one another.

Count me in.

If we all join together, how can we fail?



And down the track they come!!!!

Ruby Tuesday.

I knew a woman named Ruby, in Iowa.

She stood about 4 ft 6.

Said she drove an 18 wheeler.

How is that possible?

She had some kind of special thingamabobs that allowed her to reach the pedals.


But when I finally got to meet her Mom, she said:  “Don’t say anything about the truck, ok?”


“She doesn’t like it when I drive.”


So, she drove a little car around town, like it was a nascar.

When she sat in the driver’s seat, she was damn near invisible, but she zoomed through traffic like a crazed banshee.

We went to the race track one day.

She went up to bet every race.

And no matter which horse won, Ruby pulled out a ticket and said: “I won!”

Now, how does this happen?

Come to find out, Ruby would bet $2 on every horse in the race.

Yup.  A winner every time.

I think Ruby was a wannabe.

She was not comfortable being who she was, so she re-invented herself to fit the situation.

She worked the grave yard shift, from 11 to 7am.

She said it was to avoid the drama.

I wonder about that.

I think she wanted to avoid reality.

She didn’t really want us to know who or what she was all about.

She could hide from life in that all night shift, dreaming about the life of Walter Mitty or in this case, Ruby Tuesday.

As I moved on, I lost track of RT.

I wonder if she ever found herself, or at least allowed her friends to love her as she was, the 4ft 6 dreamer, who wanted so badly to be admired and loved.

She lived in a fantasy world.

As so many of us do.

And the truth is, that if we find the courage to be ourselves, whatever that is, is enough.

While the tragedy remains: We live to impress others, and lose ourselves in the process.




They’ll stone you when you’re driving in your car…….

Yes, I have to admit it.

I have a problem with Mondays.

Monday night, that is.

I climb the stairway to heaven.

The bustle in my hedgerow is overwhelming.

I wait for it….. as I wonder.

Meanwhile Christine has a peaceful easy feeling.

While Chris is on the big jet airliner.

And Jimmy?

He is over the top, burning out his fuse out there alone.

Geez.  I wonder if he knows there is a bar across from his home away from home.

Colleen aka Olivia, hightailed to the pole dancing place, where Bryan was singing, “Take a load off, Annie.”

And the Chicken Butt was in her alter ego role as the greeter/bouncer of the place, meeting the one and only, Larry Bird.

Finally, as the twilight turned to craziness, Princie came out of nowhere and had a few cocktails before he went back into hiding.

For those of you who are wondering about Princie, well, don’t ask.

No one has ever seen Princie, except of course in the Rainy Day Women song:

“I wouldn’t feel so all alone. Every body should get stoned.”

Good night Princie.





A lazy, hazy day of summer

It was one of those laid back days.

Puff Daddy woke me up around 7am and we hung out until noon, just kicking back and enjoying the warm summer day.

After P Daddy had lunch, I decided to hop down to the bar to have a few beers and pizza.

I had a lovely time, playing the role of the deranged greeter of the bar/restaurant, and moved on down the highway to the next watering hole.

Oh yeah!

What a great afternoon.

Met some new folks, drank a whole lotta Coors and made a wise decision to get the heck home before the T storm.

A beer swizzling day if I ever did see one.

Sometimes I need a day to schmooze, laugh, relax and enjoy.

Watched the little league world series playoff :  CT and ME, WA and OR:  So entertaining.

Didn’t even turn on the news.

I am saturated with Trump and North Korea.

I needed a break.

And I got it.

Sometimes the headline news takes the joy out of living.

Yes, we live in a dangerous world.

For some reason, there are those who want to destroy it.

For now, you and I are still alive, going about our daily living.

If it ended tomorrow, would you regret not doing the things that made you happy?

Don’t let that happen.

See you tomorrow for a few more beers.



Friday and the lessons learned by the Chicken Butt

It was a fabulous Friday

Here are 10 reasons why…

  1.  The grass and trees are alive and green, in the middle of August. I am enjoying every moment of this extraordinary summer in Pennsylvania.
  2. My little cat, who hates to be alone, greeted me as I came home tonight.  She is so frail, and sickly, but she has the will and drive to keep living.  What an inspiration.
  3.  A friend of mine has made the decision after 30 years, to embark on a new path.  It takes courage and confidence to abandon the old, and to bring in the new.
  4. I am finding that a weekend does not have to be filled with plans.  Sometimes, we need to kick back, find a good book and order a pizza.
  5. Being alone can be a good thing, if you are happy with who you are.
  6. After work, I met at least 10 people.  I couldn’t help it.  I love meeting people.
  7. I decided that I would reach out to those who inspire me, and pass on the others.  It was a refreshing change.
  8. Drama?  I don’t think so.  Less is more.
  9. The looming threat of war is just that.  I have to trust that our leaders have our best interests at heart.
  10. I heard Jose is coming back to our facility.  Watch out John.  You know Jose is cuter.  hahahahah



Hooting it up with a crazed rabbit. Could it be Harvey?

An authentic Mexican restaurant, in the heart of Pennsylvania Dutch country.

Unlikely, yes.

However, it is a fabulous place to dine.

A combination plate will knock your socks off.

Enchilada, taco, burrito, chili relleno, sope, green sauce, red sauce,.

Oh my my!

Oh hell yes!

And Byob.

Sauvignon Blanc :  perfect.

La Cocina.

Kutztown, PA.

What a great meal.

Then off to the local bar scene, where we laughed until we cried.

When did I get this silly?

You too, Sissy Belle: you silly crazy rabbit.

Home early, after a wonderful evening.

Life is a hoot.

Even if you are not an owl.




The show down at the best bar in town

It was a show down.

The boys were waiting, with their guns in their pants.

When the varmint  finally walked in, they played it cool.

In 20 seconds, it was over.

He opened mouth:  Said crazy stuff, and the good guys blasted him…. with water.

If you have never witnessed a water attack, in a bar room, well, let me tell you:  It was Dodge City, all over again.

The villain was slain.

Ok, he was drenched.

He drank his beer, put his tail between his legs and left.



He is back.

Mouthing nonsense.

Guess what?

Hey Mikey!

He likes it.

What a hoot.

It was a crazy time.

Every time I stop at that watering hole, I can’t stop laughing and enjoying myself.

My new philosophy:

Find your happy place and go to it.

And do crazy things that will build friendships and bonding.

Life is meant to be enjoyed.

Hope you are enjoying……

If not, do you like pina coladas?



Cheers to those who enrich our lives

Tough morning.

Could nine, cemetery.

Cremation for my furry friend.

Tears flowing for several hours.

Work helped.

Got into it.

Went out at noon to be alone.

My best time when I am hurting, is the time I spend by myself.

As the hours ticked by, I knew that I needed some time to toast to my little buddie.

Birthday party for Chris!

At the neighborhood bar.

Hey, Chris and Half Pint!


To a great life for both of you!

Thanks Christine!

Your reflections on the pets you have nurtured and lost were an inspiration to me.

Not sad.

Just wonderful memories of how rich our lives are, when we have our furry children with us.

And when they are gone?

Wink. Wink.

They never really leave  us.

Each and everyone of them still lives in us.

Just ask us.

Our stories are ageless, fabulous and priceless.

Enjoy those who love you and those you love.

Life is precious.

Live it!

Embrace the seasons, the emotions, the highs and lows,

The good times, the bad times,

And when you are feeling down, remember that you are here, alive, on this magical, mysterious planet,

to give thanks for enjoying the miracle of life.


Oh Wow! You were a hoot!

Grieving tonight.

I always though the little one would go first.

But the Oh Wow cat died sometime today.

I found him stretched out, at his food dish.

I loved that cat.

Maybe not as much as Jim did, but I am so grateful that he died after Jim did.

Jim took that cat into our home, as a kitten, night after night, hugging him, making him comfortable, until it became a ritual.

Each night, every day of his kitten/cat life, he was the most loving cat, waiting for Jim to hug him.

When Jim was gone, he was forced to hang with the Cx Butt.

It was ok, but I knew he always longed for his best friend.

Now he is gone.

His ashes will be with Jim’s.

And when P Daddy gives up the struggle, the 3 of them will be united.

Until then., thank you Oh Wow for making me laugh, and for hanging out with me after Jim passed.

Rest in peace….