Mellow yellow

Sleeping in, on a rainy day.

I have heard that there is nothing like it, and it is true.

Turn over, tune out and let time slip away.

When the mood finally strikes, ease out of the bed, and indulge in a heavenly cup of coffee.

No need to stress over things that were once the norm:  Get up, get dressed, get going and don’t be late.

Yes, the past 50+ years were like that.


Call me mellow yellow.

Things are beginning to seem much clearer now.

What is it that I would like to do for the remaining years of my life?

Still considering the options, as I observe the lives of those around me.

Most have put off living to their fullest, until they reach a “future” goal.

I am at the point where I think living to the fullest just may be what we do everyday, as long as it makes us happy.

If, that is, we know what happiness feels like.

It might take a few more months before I break the barrier, and that is ok.

In the meantime, I will continue to sleep in and cherish rainy days, and to find opportunities to observe and reflect on the lives of those I encounter.

For now, I am concentrating on living, and on what is really important in the years that I have left.





A right jolly old elf

Let’s all give a cheer for the cougar on the loose in NE Pennsylvania.

Last seen in the bar in New Smithville, drinking Coors Light.

Some say the cougar closely resembles a slightly tipsy chicken butt who has been frequenting the bar scene since early January.

The news team interviewed Pamela, aka Panama, today, to determine if she had served any drinks to an aging hen with a raucous laugh.

Pam graciously told us to shove it.  A bartender cannot reveal the private conversations of wacked out chickens, or other guests.

We waited outside, until the self professed butt approached her vehicle, with another guest.

She handed him a bag of Tupperware, laced with underwear, as an enticement.

As she drove out of sight, I noticed her friend was a chubby old elf.

A wink of  his eye, and a twist of his head, I knew in an instant, he needed to see a chiropractor.

Yes, the cougar is still on the loose.

Beware, fellow Pennsylvanians.

Approach with caution.

She was heard singing, as she drove out of sight: “99 bottles of beer on the wall”, while dancing to the tune of “I’m a man eater.”




Riding the wave

Made a pact with myself this morning:  Don’t go wild.

I laid around like a plucked chicken this morning, until I had the energy to get dressed, to visit Amber.

We talked about her trip to NYC to see Wicked, and then I sipped on a few orange drinks to settle my nerves.

It seems like I was in a frenzied whirlwind the past few days.

Guess it was all the excitement of the wedding, or was it the Preakness?  Or maybe it was those chocolate martinis.

Whatever it was, it was quite a ride.

Time to kick back, eat a few bonbons, while watching murder mysteries.

Until tomorrow…..



The perfect martini, complements of Ms Kim and Ms Colleen

The Princess and Prince are married.

A lovely ceremony, actually uplifting, in this day and age.

The chicken butt?  No ceremony, just meeting friends on a damp, rainy day, at the martini bar at noon.

And what a hoot it was.

A bird in the hand vs 2 in the bush?

Just drink it, you idiot.

And when the afternoon moved toward twilight, it was obvious that the young crowd could not keep up with the fabulous CB.

One by one, they marched …. out the door to the drummer of the day.

And the Chx B?

Home now, wondering why the younger crowd can’t keep up with the times.

Kim? Colleen? Bry? Tim?

What are you doing on the next rainy Saturday?

It’s ok.

I am not judging you for being wimps.



Thanks for a lovely day!



The colorful aura of my friends

A colorful day, to be sure.

The lavender/blonde hair-do, of Ms Kaitlyn, followed by the blonde bomber, in her black blouse, aka, Dana.

From then on, it was one of those days that I intended to go home early, but circumstances happened.

I have heard that men rarely communicate.

Not today.

Bry and Tim:  What a wonderful evening, filled with revealing insights into the lives of 2 of my favorite people.

We had such a great time, that we agreed to meet again, tomorrow, at noon, for chocolate martinis, served by Ms. Kim.

Thanks, Colleen, for topping off the colorful day, with your impression of Savannah.

It sounds like a place for those who enjoy the mystery, history and quirky events of life.


Hopefully, the torrential rains will not flood the winery/barn, where the gorgeous babes, Pat and Linda, will be waiting for an evening of wine and music.

Cannot wait to experience another day of living life to the fullest.


The loose cannon continues her rampage

A day to indulge myself in the things that I love:

Cheesesteak from Geo’s:  Yes, I ate the whole thing.

Talking to MCat, after her operation.  She is in good spirits and doing well, even if she looks like a cyclops with dry eyes.

Hanging with Dana:  What a wonderful hour we always have, over a few beers and crazy conversation.

Calling the Banana, to check on her sis.  She is finally out of the ICU and hopefully, on the road to recovery.

Ron:  Is Pittsburgh in the USA?

Loose cannon stuff:  Bryan:  “Where is the Tupperware you were supposed to bring?”  Me:  “Tupperware?  I thought you said underwear.”

Bill and Marsha:  Dominican Republic trip on the horizon.  Have a fabulous time.

Scott: No wire hangers!  (Actually, no more negative #%#%@#%.).  Time to get over it.

Kim, Colleen and Amber: You are saints, you really are, having to put up with me.

Nikki and Angie:  Way too cool for words.

Patti:  Hey, kiddo, you better eat those 2 cherries, before you walk home.

Puff Daddy:  Yeah yeah yeah.  I know I have been gone for a few hours.  You know what?  You are worse than having a husband.

Until tomorrow,



People who need people

Do not judge me.

Like me?

Dislike me?

It’s ok.

I probably like you.

Actually, I have disliked maybe 3 or 4 people, in my life, only because they were not authentic.

Yes, phony.

I have found that most people are to be trusted.

When I moved to the East Coast, I was told that the NY and NJ folks were rude and pretentious.


Not those I have met.

People are people, regardless of where we live.

A brotherhood of mankind, if you take the time to listen and find the common thread.

Cheers to those who have crossed my path, today and in the past.

I truly belief we all have the same wish:  To live, laugh and love, before we leave this planet.



The page turns on the chapter of my life.

A severe storm hammered the area.

So scary.

I need to hang out with the macho men, watching the plants and umbrellas on the patio, going wild,  pretending that it’s ok , as we guzzled one more fireball shot.

We survived the day.

The storm passed.

Home now.

No sign of Puff Daddy.

Can it be?

I survived, but she didn’t?

Hey PD!

Love you, girl.

It is so very quiet here, tonight.

Another page in the chapter of the Chicken Butt’s life.

What’s next?

Time will tell.



Random sentences :  overheard today:

“I deliberately put a small piece of paper on the kitchen floor, and wait to see how long it takes before someone picks it up.”

“Why are there idiots in this world?”

“Yes, I have an attitude.  You would, too, if you were stressed, like I am.”

“They ate all the geese.  I think they ate them on the bus.”

“If I am not fired, I will see you next week…. unless I quit.”

“Why do you always leave at 4:20?”

“Hey! How the heck are you?”   (how do you know this person?)  “I don’t.”

“Who drank my beer?”

A typical Monday…..

Let’s see what tomorrow brings.


A walk down memory lane

A day to feel nostalgic, to remember our mothers.

A day to rest, inside, on a rainy day, with the crazy cat.

I had 2 mothers, actually.

My birth mom and my mother in law.

They were both exceptional women, who put their children first.

They weren’t much for material things.

They were easy to be with, never judgmental.

And they loved to laugh.

Must have been the Irish heritage.

The mothers with twinkling eyes, is the way I like to think about them.

I am so grateful that I have so many happy memories of them.

They say that we all turn into our mothers, one day.

If only I could be that wonderful.