Living it up at the hotel Pennsylvania.

Things I am doing now… that I have never done before:

  1.  Eating popcorn or ice cream for breakfast.
  2. Talking to the cat like she understands what I am saying.
  3. Going to bed at a decent hour.
  4. Spur of the moment decisions, daily.
  5. Making friends with those who happen to wander into my space.
  6. No deadlines.
  7. Dancing in the rain/snow.
  8. Enjoying everyone I meet.
  9. Throwing out stuff I will never wear or use.
  10. Not giving a damn what anyone else thinks.

Yes, I am recently retired.

Will this all change as time goes by?

No chance.

Life has dealt me the crazy card/train.

And I am going off the rails.



Shine a light, shine a light, shine a light, oh won’t you shine a light?

After 2 weeks in the desert sun…

Oh wait.

After 2 weeks as a drunken bum….

I let the horse run free.

None of this makes any sense, unless you happen to be a free range chicken, exploring possibilities.


I met a man, Bojangles and he danced for me.

Actually, I had no plans…. I was free ranging it, burning out the day, burning out the night.

How many people can hang out with him/her self and have a marvelous time?

Philadelphia Freedom!

Shine a light.

I wonder when I will tire of this wild routine?

By the way, I still like Brady.

Until the next chapter….



Behind the scenes

“An early morning sidewalk.”

What a gem written by Kris Kristofferson.


“Help my make it through the night.”

It plays on PBS occasionally:  Willie, Waylon, Kris, and Johnny.

Whenever it comes on, I have to watch it.


Because it makes me feel good.

I never considered Kris a super star.

It was always Johnny, Willie and Waylon.

However, I have changed my mind tonight.

Kris: You wrote the songs that made the stars shine.

Some are the obvious stars.

Some even get to the super star status.

But all of those talented folks, rely on those who write the songs that catapult them  to stardom.

Willie, Waylon and the boys: You guys are fabulous.

And Kris?

Without those. like you, who create the songs….

There would be no early morning sidewalks.

And we would never make it through the night.



Blues band, and then? Green vs Purple

Counting the conversations on this Saturday.

From the ridiculous to the sublime.

From the inebriates to the boorish.

And all others in between.

A quiet morning, with the two residents of this crazy household: P Daddy and C Butt.

However, the afternoon took on a life of its own, and it continued into the early evening.

At last count:  30 + conversations.

And what a wonderfully crazy time it was.

Finally said goodnight to the madding crowd at 7pm.

Another “late” night.


Blues band at the winery, and then…

Green vs Purple.

Good night all.


Oh my my, oh hell yes, putting on my Friday dress…

Friday has always been one of my favorite work days.

Last day before the weekend.

However, when I recall a typical Friday work day, it seemed like it was one of those days that had never ending issues.

Most of the sales folk were back in home territory, checking on loose ends, unfulfilled promises, and last minute orders.

The scenario continued throughout the day, climaxing at approx. 430pm, on any given Friday.

Not so today.

After a semi productive morning, the afternoon quickly took on a life of its own.  Juke box, beers, friends, laughter, pizza: In other words, a silly, crazy time.

Moving right along to the next venue, more friends, beer, laughter. heightened craziness and just plain fun.

An afternoon that defied a normal Friday, as I once knew it…. like for over 50 years.

Excuse me, if I say, one more time, it was a hoot.

Fridays will always be special, but never the same as they once were.

Now every day is Friday.

All 7 days of the week.

Can’t wait til tomorrow.

I think it just might be Friday again.



Braving the Beast

Having a cat brings certain pleasures like cleaning up after she/he gets sick.

This time it included giving the little beast a bath.

Run warm water in small “cat” tub.

Throw in Baking Soda.

Find cat.

Slowly immerse cat in water.

Watch as water and cat have a fight.

Hold on to a clawing cat with one hand, and try to clean cat with the other hand.

Cat is soaked.

So am I.

Cat gets loose.

Well, I tried.

Catch cat and wrap in towel.

Cat is pissed, goes in hiding.

By this time, I am ready for something fun, away from the darling princess.

Sissy calls and we are off to dinner.

What a meal!

French Onion Soup, Shrimp and linguini, wine, and the world’s best rice pudding.

After dinner, another glass of wine at Sissy’s, watching the half dog/half kangaroo jump around the house.

What a riot.

I love how the resident cats stare at him like he is crazy.

Feeling stuffed and happy, I came home and immediately headed for bed.

So what if it was only 730.

In less than 30 seconds, I was sound asleep.

Up early now, thinking about what kind of mischief I can get into today.




I have become a bum with a wine problem.

Major accomplishment today:  I made the bed.

And I gazed out at the snow.

What a bum I have become.

When Mother Nature blankets the yard and trees with the snow, I am finally learning to kick back and enjoy the scene.

It was the one of the kindest noreasters that I have experienced.

Quiet, serene and a wonderful excuse to transition into the vegetable that I am becoming.

No need to get dressed, frantically moving around, worrying about getting the heck of the driveway.

It’s like a new me has emerged:  Hey!  I know that one of these days spring will arrive.  And when it does, I will make my entrance into the real world.

Or is this the real world?

Perhaps everything is, as some would say, an illusion.

If so, I envision myself on this snowy, beautiful day, as snow white, the princess with the red shoes.

Or was that Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz?

Never mind.

I am on my 3rd glass of wine.

One final question:  What creates illusions?  The mind? Or the wine?


It happened today

Yes, I have thought about a day like this, for many years.

What would it be like if I woke up and it was a cold, snowy day…

and I did not have to go in to work.

It happened today.

And even though I had to get dressed to take out the trash for pickup today, I think I probably looked like Eddie in Christmas Vacation.

Slippers, robe, hat, walking down the driveway….

What a goof I am.

I decided to start getting rid of “stuff”.

I finished an awful book today, so I put that in my “stuff” box, along with a sweater I absolutely hate, and 2 old T shirts.

I resolve to get rid of at least 1 thing every day, and by the time I am 120 years old, I should finish the job.

Puff followed me around like my shadow, complaining about something in cat language.

I put some cat nip out for her, to settle her nerves, and I opened a beer to settle mine.

UPS showed up with a package for Puff.

Cat food.

I love ordering on line.

The lemons  I bought were shrinking and aging, so I cut up and  threw a couple in the microwave.

It supposedly is a great way to clean without chemicals.

It worked.

I am in the mood for a good movie and maybe a nap.

After all, tomorrow is another snow day.

Can’t wait!





Mellow Monday

Monday is not a day that I would consider my friend….

at least not until now.



Stayed up late Sunday night.


Roll over Beethoven.

And I did.



Non productive?


Frittered away a good portion of the morning?

That I did.

There is something about a pillow and a blanket on a cold Monday morning that screams freedom.

Not quite at that point where I feel smug.

I doubt if I will ever get there.

It just feels good for now.

Oh, by the way:  Snow tomorrow.

Snow:  I will never look at it again, in the same way.

Bring it on.

Let it roll.

Ain’t life grand?



I missed the games, but had the best time with 2 crazy friends



It’s another cold one.

What is the best thing to do on a sub zero Sunday with football playoffs?


Keep warm and cozy.

Turn on the TV, and hunker down.

Phone…. oh oh.

Wings and wine at Sissy’s.

Be right there.

For the next 5 hours?

Snacking, playing cards, games and telling stories.

Hey, what about the football games?


The Steelers lost?

I missed it.

But I had a fun filled afternoon, including of course, our buddy Don.

Hey Sissy!

Your wings are fantastic.

And so are you!

Thank you for a warm Sunday afternoon, with George Max, the kangaroo dog, Jinx, Stormy and the elusive Ruby and Bandit.

I had a wonderful time.