Hawk alert

Tidbits from yesterday:

I did not wear a jacket/sweater for the first time this year. The temp soared to 70 degrees in Pennsylvania.   However, I left a fur coat in the back seat…. just in case.

This morning it is 38 degrees.

A man wearing rose colored glasses walked into a bar.  They definitely were pink.  He says orange.  A much larger guy asked him how his liver was holding up.  Several other people also threw jabs at him.  Moral of the story:  You are what you wear.

When taking allergy medication, read the fine print.  If it says PM or night time, and you took it during the day, you need new glasses.

Wine gets you tipsy faster than beer.

Bathing a cat is not recommended, if you value your life.

Getting a “final notice” from AARP makes me wonder if they know something and just aren’t telling me.

Construction on the interstate:  Take the old interstate to avoid traffic jams.  Instead of one jam, now there are two.  Guess which one is moving faster?

Do not go on a diet if you live in NE Pennsylvania.  The hawk population has exploded and they are diving down to pick up puny looking critters.

Gotta go eat a few doughnuts now, to ward off the hawks.




Don’t forget the croutons

Have you ever had crazy dreams, fueled by sinus meds?

I usually forget my dreams as soon as I wake up, but this morning, the dreams, or at least some of them linger on.

Not sure what, if anything, they mean, but they are ridiculous.

Last night;  in search of a recipe for French onion soup….with 3 of my relatives, all of whom are deceased.

Suddenly, a new challenge:  Flying, yes, in a plane, not on a broom,  to parts unknown, surrounded by friends and celebrities.  We were having a party on the plane, until the plane vanished and we were floating around in the clouds.

I wonder what the heck is in those sinus pills.

Doggone it, now I am craving French onion soup and a party.

That does it.

I am going to take my sinus meds again today and hope for the best.





Letting life happen

It was a day to let it happen.

No agenda.

Just go with the flow.

A sunny day.

Trees budding.

Grass growing.

When did all this occur?

Yesterday, snow flakes were falling.

Hung out with Puff this morning.

Fed her at least 4 times.

Wandered in to see Gail, and ran into Chris.

Seems that he was also letting the day happen.

We talked and laughed for a few hours.

Bobby showed up.

Unbelievable:  He had been battling stage 4 cancer for the past several months and is now doing so well, that he is back to work.

What an inspiration.

Home early today, eating a chocolate rabbit.

Feeling a need to be alone, with a good movie.

It was a day to let life happen.

No fanfare, no schedule, no agenda, no stress.

Sometimes it takes a day like today to remind me how wonderful it is to be alive.



Have you considered the meaning of life?

Week in review:

Scott did not get fired.

Did he thank me and those who spent hours nursing this beast of burden?

No comment.

Dana is still sane, much to the surprise of the masses.

Kim surpassed the normal lunch hour crowd, serving 66 guests in an hour and a half.

Wait!  Who?  Who are you?

Patti was missing. Now she is found…. or sort of.

She slipped out, with half eaten shoes, to let George eat the remaining shoe.

Ragu and Mark:  What the hell?  Who has captured the Chicken B’s heart?

Are you kidding? Hey Rag and Mark:  It’s my bday.  If you really love me, where is Herbie?

David Copperfield has revealed the mystery of his disappearing magic act.

The Cx B. still continues to mystify the world with her disappearing act.

Ali is pissed.

Yeah, so was I, when I was 19 and in love with love.

No, I am not agreeing to going anywhere tomorrow.

I need a day to be a goof.


When one is retired, and doesn’t give a flying Q@##@$@$, it is time to kick back, and to roll with whatever life has to offer.

I need to contemplate why I decided not to become a nun.

See ya.


Sister Woooooooooooooooofie.




My birthday is tomorrow.

Oh, not the real one.

Just the one I prefer:  4/20

Ever feel like the world is getting too crazy?

Need a break from the stress and worry of the mixed up lives we lead?

If you knew that you would die tomorrow, what would you do today?

Kiss everyone goodbye?


Party with your friends?

Reflect on your legacy?

Wish you had done the things that you wanted to do, and never did?

So, let’s reverse your fate:  You are not going to die tomorrow.

You have been given an extension on your life span:  no time frame, just that you have “some” time to do the things that define you and your legacy.

Hope you will join me tomorrow, to celebrate your existence on this planet, and to do whatever you do, to make it a better place for all mankind.

It is, after all, up to you and me.

Together, we can make it happen.





Losing one’s self to find one’s self

Losing contact with everyone for a few hours is one of my favorite activities.

Where is the Chicken Butt?

Is the sky falling?

Did she cross the road with disastrous results?

Did she run into an old flame and elope?

Or is she truly on a mission to find herself?

Today, I did have a glimpse of who I might be.

And I also had a vision of what I do not want to be.

It is not easy, finding one’s self.

Do I want to be “cultivated?”

Or do I prefer to run amok among the sinners, drinking wine and dancing in the streets?


That’s me.

It seems ok, though.

When one is on a mission, roadblocks and barriers seem to be systematically employed, to bring challenges along the way.

Who said it would be an easy path to nirvana?

But it is surely a wild and adventurous road.

Oh, by the way:  A special thanks tonight for Puff Daddy.

She met me in the basement, after a long day.

Hey PD:  You rock.



Dancing in the snow

Reluctant tonight, to comment on today’s events.


Because some things are beyond my control.

A friend in need: with a problem.

Can I change the outcome?


Can anything I say or do relieve the anxiety?

Not really.

I can offer support and friendship, and regardless of the outcome, I will still be there.

I doubt if he even hears what I have to say.

When any of us are in turmoil, waiting for a ruling or a verdict, what is it that we need?

Only one thing:  A deep conviction that we are capable of accepting whatever the outcome, and that we will move on with our lives.

Fear and worry:  what a waste of time, never making a difference in any of our lives.

So, today, as the snow is falling in Pennsylvania, in mid April, I am ecstatic.

Mother Nature is a hoot and a holler.

Before I brought up the cat food and pretzels, I did a dance in the snow.

And said a prayer for my friend.

Good night, all.







After the storm

Chills and fever seemed to fit right in with the stormy day today:  downpours and heavy wind.

Stayed bundled up all day, comforted in the realization that I really did not have to go anywhere.

Watched a movie, slept off and on, and munched on pineapple and strawberries.

Quiet day, for sure:  laid back and peaceful.

Even Puff was fairly well behaved.

I hear the birds chirping this evening, happy that the storm has passed.

I have a feeling I will be feeling much better tomorrow.

Until then,





Holistic approach

Taking a first step toward bringing the spiritual side back into my life  is just that:  the first step.

I am testing the waters, so to speak, to find an environment that is comfortable for me.

The service was more like a family reunion, a very large family, indeed, sharing their personal stories, some joyous, some sad.

The room was filled with hope, devotion, music and fun.

I was warmly welcomed and felt accepted by those I met.

I did not, however, feel ready to embrace all that I had witnessed.

I am cautiously optimistic.

It is, after all, the first step.



The black hole

A holistic approach to my life is missing the spiritual side of me.

Do I dare to dive into the unknown?

To give it a try?

To fulfill those missing elements that define my existence?

Is there a higher power who watches over me?

Does it matter if I believe in God or not?

The black hole can swallow us at any time, ending the universe as we know it today.

If it does, so be it.

But until that happens, I prefer to live a simple life, acknowledging and enjoying everyone I happen to meet along the way.

I think heaven, as I visualize it, is way too crowded with the millions and billions who hang out there.

And Hell?

Ok, probably even more of my friends, who preferred a good time to a spiritual awakening.


I have no answers.

However, tomorrow, I will be pursuing an alternative path, in search of a new beginning.

Why not?

It may provide the missing purpose that I desire.

It’s a mystery, this life.

However, I have a feeling, that the answer to the mystery, resides in ourselves.

Good night, my friends,