Me and Bobby McGee

Friday ritual: hang out with Bobby and see who else shows up.
Does it really matter?
Me and Bobby McGee.
Freedom’s just another word for nothing else to lose.
And nothing ain’t worth nothing but it’s free.
As the afternoon’s clocks ticks by, here comes old flattop.
He’s got juju eyeballs.
As the world turns, the gorgeous women of the Lehigh Valley appear to join the festivities.
Niagra Falls: Slowly I turned, step by step, inch by inch.
For me?
I enjoy each and everyone who walks through the door.
Who are you?
What’s your name?
Who’s your Daddy?
Finally, after an entertaining afternoon, it was time for the town drunk to head on home.
Did I mention?
The town drunk is me.
May you all have a fabulous weekend.
I know I will.



Lassie stays home

We Irish are rumored to like gloom and doom.
Not this Lassie… at least not today.
Buckets of rain arrived, forcing the lazy chicken butt to retreat into a day of pajamas, movies and raisin toast with peanut butter.
Yeah, I thought about getting dressed, but that fearful thought quickly passed, as the day progressed.
There I was, wrapped up in my robe, watching Chuckie movies, when the lights went out.
Now what?
I always sleep with the fan or the TV turned on.
Not this time.
Finally, around 2am, I heard a faint beep and the power was back, which led to a late night binging of scary movies.
Then, the winds started.
The forecasters reported: The NorthEast will experience a cyclone bomb.
Time to find my fur coat, head out to breakfast, and hope that if the cyclone gets me, it whisks me away on my broom to a tropical island.


Moments in time

Special moments in the past few days:
Home made apple butter and cottage cheese.
So yummy!
Thank you Deep Throat!
A friend celebrating one month of sobriety.
Way to go, Scooter!
Hanging with the Red Fox, the great Dane, the runt of the family, with his dad, and the rest of the crazy clan for a hilarious Taco Tuesday night.
Is there such a thing as laughing too much?
The Washington Nationals headed for the World Series.
First time ever.
More cabbage from Marlowe’s garden.
Gigantic and delicious.
Running into Chris and Christine 2 days in a row!
What a special couple!
Happy afternoons, meeting Dana, for an hour, after she finishes work.
I love hearing about her busy life!
Ain’t life grand?


Real men (and women) wear pink.

A great way to host a fund raiser!
Breakfast, drinks, football, raffles and friends.
The day whizzed by, with entertainment at every turn.
Jimmy in his tutu, serving drinks.
All the guys and gals dressed in pink.
A fabulous breakfast of cranberry and fruit french toast.
Orange drinks.
One big happy family.
No drama.
No issues.
Just a whole lot of fun, even if the Eagles lost to the Vikings.
A delightful way to come together, having a blast, while raising money for cancer research.


You can make a difference.

I really don’t know if I can take it anymore.
What in the world is happening to this country?
Friend against friend?
The Senate against the House?
What divides us?
Yes, we all want our country to be able to defend itself.
We do not want to give up our guns.
We want a leader, in charge of our future and our children’s futures.
So many say: “Wait! I like Trump because he is not a politician.”
Guess what? Like it or not, we live in a world that thrives on politics.
We have allies.
We have enemies.
Most importantly, we live in the USA, the melting pot of America.
I wonder: Will this, too, signal the end of life , as we know it today?
No, I do not have a solution, but I do believe that adhering to the principles of the constitution of the USA is the key to survival.
I do believe in democracy.
I desperately want this country to thrive.
When will we welcome all people, regardless of their heritage or their race?
For me?
My dream is to have a world where diversity is acceptived , embraced and welcomed.
That is my dream, this Saturday, Oct 12, 2029.

And that’s the way it is….

The Pennnsylvania Dixie Chicks, aka The Amazing Cooters, entertained me for a few hours over lunch, spreading their magic and good cheer while sharing great stories of their many adventures.
Scottie raced in, had a coke and raced out again, so fast that I had to wonder: Was he really here? Or is he just an illusion?
As time ticked by, no Dana. Oh oh. She must be working overtime again.
I said to myself: “Self, why don’t you get the heck out of here and do something productive?”
The self answered: “Yeah. Ok. Just one more.”
By that time, the Chris’s and the boys starting streaming in. Everyone knows I cannot possibly leave when this happens.
And finally? Guess who shows up? 3 hours later? Yes! Dana!
She coaxed me into staying and having a few more with Eric and her cousin Chris.
And that’s the way it is: (stealing a line from Walter Cronkite) : The state of the Chx Butt’s world on a Thursday somewhere in the twilight zone.


You had to be there……

Tidbits of conversations today.
I had a dream. My handkerchief came alive and attacked me while I slept.
One more, please, and then? I have to go.
Uh huh.
What do you think about the new rolls royce?
Are you really asking me that? Don’t you know I am the town drunk?
You look like Billy Joel.
You remind me of: Orson Wells, you know: Rosebud?
Here comes the Lion from the Wizard of Oz.
Is that a terrorist across the bar?
I have to go home. And Do NOT ask me why.
I have a cat to feed. Oh wait. She died. (groan… so tacky)
Have you ever seen a grown man naked?
Yes, and I have never been the same since.
Good night, everyone.
As the sun sets, so does the chicken butt.

Breakfast with strangers

2 encounters this morning, with strangers.
1. Eating breakfast, turn on my phone, woman approaches and comments on the “Highlife” background. Asked me if I went to the Cannabis festival, and if I take CBD or smoke. I told her I take CBD gels every day, but do not smoke. She told me to try herb infused cookies, using a special butter. She tried it, when baking chocolate chip cookies and ate one. Just one. After a few minutes, she was flying high, paranoid, and, so bad, that she could not walk. Moral of the story? Don’t eat a whole cookie. You might end up in Kansas on your broom.

2. As I was having the conversation about the cookies, I was laughing my ass off. Another woman, sitting at the counter, turned around, and said:”Do you go to DeMarco’s?” Yes, that I do. She said, “I would recognize that laugh anywhere. Whenever we hear that laugh, my husband turns to me and says ‘there she is!'” Oh my my, oh hell yes, time to put on that party dress!


Happy Stuff

An afternoon of football, friends, and beer.
Just being around a crowd of wildly enthusiastic people plays a major role in making the day complete.
It also fellt good not to watch the news.
What a tumultuous world!
It is starting to weigh me down.
My best defense is to turn it off, to enjoy a much smaller world, where the news ranges from celebrating birthdays, planning an adventure to another city, seeing a movie, or attending a concert in the winery.
Happy stuff.
Leaving the political world for awhile, or at least not listening to the fighting that goes on, is a welcome respite.
It energizes me to live in the present, not worrying about what could or may happen.
That is definitely a waste of time, as most or all of what is happening is out of my control.
For today, I choose happy stuff, as the world keeps on turning.



After a few days of trying to decide on a health care plan with prescription coverage and all that jazz, it was time to take an adventure.
It started early, with orange and grapefruit crushes, made by the Pamster, and accompanied by Sissy Belle and Dana.
Next stop: The Cannibis festival.
The CBD market is exploding beyond belief.
Are all these people really trying to relieve stress and pain?
What does that tell us about the state of things?
Are we overworked?
Not enough time off?
Victims of the rat race?
Increased traffic issues and road rage?
Or, maybe a nation hoping that we will soon have the freedom to experience a natual remedy and a possible cure for so many illnesses.
What is stopping the government’s approval of legalizing marijuana?
Could it be the drug companies?
Or those who believe that it is an evil force in the world?
Could it be satan?
In the short time we are here on earth, what the heck is wrong with having a natural substance legalized?
Get the stuff off the black market, make it available for purchase, and watch the state revenues soar.
For me?
I can’t wait.
I am tired of watching drug prices soar, while the side effects are sometimes worse than the desired therupeutic results.
No, I didn’t buy anything at the CBD festival.
But it did open my eyes:
We are a nation longing for a natural remedy in our stressful lives.