Don’t touch my mittens

Coughing frenzies is now on my list of things to do a dozen or more times a day.

Naturally, I had one as I entered a restaurant.

“Are you ok?”

“Can I get you a glass of water?”

Try explaining that you are a sick woman, as you are choking and coughing.

I had lunch and got the heck out before another wild episode erupted.

Dragged myself and yes, my ass, to the bar down the street for a hot toddy.

The place was crowded with young guys dressed in suits and ties.

Wow. Did they ever think they were hot stuff.

There is something about men in suits.

These same guys normally show up in baggy jeans and t shirts, and are normal, every day goofs.

Not so, when they are dressed up.

I think they were going to a wedding.

Too bad I am not feeling up to my normal wild self.

I love being a wedding crasher.

Patti showed up to join me in a few blasts of hot tea, lemon, honey and bourbon.

And topped it off with a Jameson.

Before we left, the bar filled up with so many of our friends.

Merry Christmas!

Bah Humbug.

Ho Ho Ho.

Who you calling a ho?

And then there was a guy who looked like a terrorist, who was waving frantically to me:

“I have been wanting to pull on your mittens all night.”

(My santa hat has mittens)

Well, now, isn’t that special?

Hey Patti, let’s get the hell out of here.

Until tomorrow,



Poor me, pour me, poor me, pour me…..

A tad bit chilly this morning.

Ok, it was downright cold.

12 degrees.

Off I go into the dark morning to grab a bagel with raisins from DD.

Sneezing and snuffling all the way.

Is that a word?  Snuffling?

Popped a few extra strength cold/flu pills which did very little to curtail my condition.

Thought I would stop for a few hot toddies tonight, to catch up with the gang.

However the snow was falling and the snuffling was out of control, so I stopped for a few at Specs, which, by the way, was a mad house.

Party time tonight, and the place was jammed for a fund raiser, with games, and specials and a great band.

Too bad the chicken butt just was not up to the challenge.

Home now, with the little cry baby.

I think she is happy to see me, even if we have been mortal enemies for most of our adult lives.

Still snowing, and I must admit:  It is refreshing and very pretty.

My goal this weekend is to stock up on honey and lemons and, of course, some good bourbon, to knock the socks off this persistent, rude, and annoying visitor invading my space.

Can’t wait to feel better.

After all, the world is a lonely place without the loose cannon roaming eastern Pennsylvania.




Beam it up, Jim.

Rudolph the red nosed chicken butt……

Day 4 and still sneezing like a wild banshee.

Decided enough was enough.

Looked in the mirror and thought:  What a ghastly sight.

Got dressed, put on a warm coat and hat, and carried my tissue box with me to meet Patti.

She is sick also.

What a sad looking pair.

We had a hot toddy or two, and ordered chicken soup to go.

Maybe, just maybe, the lemon, honey and tea, along with a shot of Mr Beam will cure us.

If not, it certainly could not make us feel any worse.

As they say, “:this too shall pass.”

I am counting on it.




Round 3

My 3 companions today:  2 stink bugs and a cat.

Bundled up, listening to the wind howl, with a box of tissues and vapo rub.

Naturally, Puff had to sleep on top of me.


Every time I would get up, she would run into the kitchen looking for more food.

What a life.

2 of a kind, I guess.

Heading back for another round of sleep.

This sneezing has to stop.

It is un-American…. or something like that.

Until tomorrow,


CCB  (contagious chicken butt)

The spring chicken has sprung a leak.

As luck would have it,

Woke up this morning with one doozy of a head cold or sinus or both.

Went out for a short ride to get meds and back home.

I am headed for bed with a pounding headache, sneezing frenzies, chills and general malaise.

Hope to wake up like a spring chicken tomorrow.



After nine days I let the horse run free ‘Cause the desert had turned to sea

A day off.

Started with intentions.

However, by 1pm, kiss those goodbye.

I hate to say it….. well, not really,

But Todd broke his code and so did I.

Celebrating Christmas or Monday, or being in the desert on a horse with no name,

We had a blast.

Why not?

Two crazies enjoying the next phase of their lives.

Let me just say this: There is nothing that makes the world go round….

Like a few shots of Jameson.

A fabulous day off, just Todd and I.

Oh for crazy!




Here kitty kitty kitty kitty.

Up at 4am.

Puff is not feeling well.

Tried to comfort her, feed her, sit with her, before dawn.

By 6am, she curled up and slept, so…

I went back to bed.

1030am:  Hoping she would be herself again.

Silly me.

I think she was tired of my fussing.

What’s that you say?  Is that you, Puff Daddy?

You’ll never be my beast of burden.

You need no fussing, no nursing…..

Time for a few beers and lunch.

And yes!

My neighbor plowed the driveway!

Off I go to watch Dallas beat the Giants chatting with my favorite Chris’s and Carl.

At 4pm, back home.

PD is restless.

Won’t eat.

Getting dark already.

I really do not like the darkness of November and December.

Time for the Eagles game.

Puff is hiding….. from me, I guess.

So quiet in this house.

You would think I would be getting used to it after a year.

Life has a way of going along for awhile, status quo, and then, in a flash, erupts into a new reality.

The challenge is always the same:  To accept whatever it is that has changed.

For tonight, have a wonderful week ahead.



A treasure on Dec 9, 2017

Snow falling.

Something magical about it.

The world seems quieter, softer and more beautiful.

I had to experience the majesty of the first snow.

It is like no other.

Mother nature is putting on a great show.

A gift to all of us, on this 9th day of December, 2017.

Venturing out:

What a fabulous day, celebrating life with friends who crossed my path.

It was one of those extraordinary days, when the snow silently fell.

Covering the earth and our problems with a soft blanket.

I will treasure this day forever.




The daily routine, the nightly ritual.





All guys at the bar.

Telling jokes.

The Chicken Butt , aka table fly, laid low.

Male jokes are just that.

Oh yeah, they are funny, but the boys club would rather it be a macho thing.

Laying low, like I said the Chx B. had a few drinks,

The guys started leaving, one by one.

Suddenly, it was girl’s night out.

Hey!  Marsha! Chris!

Here comes the Greek God.

Found out he is not Greek, but Puerto Rican and Irish.


What a hunk.

Anyway, the night evolved into a mixed bag of raucous fun and laughter.

I met my limit of 2 orange drinks.



Who cares if it is 20 degrees.

Home now.

A great Friday night.

How do I feel?



A tad bit tipsy.

Puff Daddy and I are hunkering down for the big snow event tomorrow.


We shall see.

13 working days left.

Anticipating…. wondering… mixed feelings.

Ain’t life grand?

Have a wonderful weekend, friends.







The perfect evening… on the spur of the moment

Oh what a night.

Sissy B called with an offer I could not refuse.

Dinner at the Fogelsville Hotel.

Oh yeah!

The Christmas decorations were sparkling and beautiful.

The wine, warm and inviting.

Service? Personal and fun.

Food: Fab!

On we went to our favorite night cap place.

The time flew by, as we shared our child hood memories, and our hopes and dreams for the future.

Life doesn’t get any better than this.

In the middle of the madness, sharing an evening with a good friend is priceless!

Thanks Patti.

As Kahlil Gibran once wrote:

In the sweetness of friendship let there be laughter, and sharing of pleasures. For in the dew of little things the heart finds its morning and is refreshed.