A lesson learned on the path of life : June 19, 2018

It felt like a day to leave my little bubble and check out the world.

On the way, I had home made French Fries at a little diner.   They were delicious and a pleasant surprise.

A couple of shops I entered had some of the nicest customer service people I have ever encountered.  They thanked me for letting them wait on me.  Wow.

Strangers opened up, sharing their life stories, some heartbreaking and others joyful.

There were groups of protesters on several streets, asking for help and compassion for the children who have been taken from their parents along the SW border of our country.

I noticed that many couples, young and elderly,  were strolling along the paths, holding hands.

It seems as if we, as a nation, are fed up with the fighting, the bickering, the name calling, the lies and deceit.

I went searching today for answers and found it in the people.

Those I met inspired me.

Their message?

Hold your loved ones closely.

Cherish, preserve and protect our democracy.

The America people will prevail.

What I witnessed today did not take away the heavy sadness that lingers in my heart, but it did open up a silver lining of hope for our families and our future.







Does it get any better than this?

There are some days in one’s life that cannot be replicated.

Special times.


Friends, converging on the scene, kicking back, enjoying a few hours of craziness.

June 18, 2018:  A hot, steamy day, oppressive heat and humidity.

Maybe we all needed to escape to a cooler, more comfortable, inviting environment.

Whatever happened tonight was sheer magic.

An unforgettable evening.

A hoot.

How very fortunate I am to have been a part of it.

It makes my heart sing.



The grass is always greener until you have to mow the lawn

A rare insight into the male ego:

Really?  You love this woman?

Today, it was a mix of craziness and honesty:

If you love me and you mean it, is it all about you?

Perhaps in the female mind, it is all about having my cake and eating it too.

Do I want to leave my mate?

Well, let’s just carry on…. after all I love you.

What?  leave my marriage?

Yeah, ok, but give me time.

This weekend?

We have plans.

My kid is graduating.

Hang in there.


Some day I will leave and we will be together.

May I interject?

Once a cheater?

Ok, so, I am a cynic.

Move on, friends.

Find someone who has no hidden agenda.


It slowly fades away.




A much better choice.

When you find your soul mate, if there is such an animal, cherish one another.

Live, love and  enjoy.

Isn’t that what life is all about?


Celebrate good times! Come on!

Town drunk:  “Hey! Let’s party!”

From that moment on?

Unbelievably crazy.

Didn’t matter who, what, why, when…. it was an afternoon of serendipitous sharing, laughing and cheering.

A warm, sunny Saturday, with friends, strangers and stragglers.

We all belonged to the moment.

Let’s toast to Father’s day!

Let’s toast to one another.

Turn up the music!

Let’s enjoy the day, brothers and sisters.

And that we did.

An afternoon delight.

As David Bowie sang, “No confession, no religion, never gonna believe in modern love.”

I don’t even want to get to the church on time.

If you hadn’t realized by now, I am the town drunk.

Look me up sometime.

I promise:  We will have a rip roaring time.


Destruction of the family unit in America

Going along with life, observing what is happening on the global scene, feeling removed and then?

Something clicks.

What ?

Children separated from their parents?

No fault of their own?

What happens to them?

Does it really matter why they are here, in America?

For whatever reason, they are here, and have been for some time.

Can you imagine if this happened to you, as a child? or as a parent?

Families torn apart, put in camps, with strangers.

Is this America?

Is this humane?

What is happening to our country?  to our values? to our beliefs?

What have we become?

My heart aches for the helpless, homeless, children, and for their estranged parents.

Grieving tonight for the atrocities that the “greatest” country in the world, my country, for what we have done.

We must choose wisely when we vote for those who are in a position to govern, to rule, to make laws that defy our core values.

America:  Wake up!

Stop the madness.



Life: To be

A wise man once said:  “Hey, you idiot, what’s the purpose of life?”

The idiot replied, “To be.”

Wise man:  “Isn’t there more than just being?”

Idiot:  “You are the wise man, what do you think?”

Wise man:  “I am so much more than you.  I have a purpose.”

Idiot:  “So do I.  And it is to be.”

Wise man:  “I live my life in pursuit of my purpose.”

Idiot:  “Likewise.  My purpose is to live my life and to be.”

Wise man:  “You can’t be satisfied with being who you are.  Life is a mystery. Happiness exists only when you find the answer.”

Idiot: “Yes, life is a mystery.  For me, the key to happiness is to accept who you are.”

Wise man:  “Shallow, that is what you are.  We are so much more than what we think we are.”

Idiot: “Perhaps you are right.  But for now, I prefer to be who I am, and to enjoy the life I am living.”

Wise man:  “Only an idiot would be happy with a life without purpose.”

Idiot:  “Yes, my friend.  I appreciate that you are on a mission to find happiness.  I hope you find it. In the meantime, please excuse me.  I am on my way  home, to my family, where I am loved, for whom I am.”




Raccoons and cats and bears! Oh my!

Tired of the news?


How about the lighter side of life?

A raccoon scaling a St. Paul Minnesota sky scraper makes it to the top, as the world watched.

A lovely feast of cat food was waiting for the critter when he reached the summit.

The lovely raccoon now has a twitter account:  His first tweet?  “I made a big mistake.”

Some residents of Staten Island are tired of turkey.

No, not the traditional feast;   It’s the live turkeys who roam the streets, waking up residents in the early mornings and  stopping traffic as they meander along the roads.

Seems the home owners are gobbling up a storm over the fat and sassy birds.

Anyone up for establishing a turkey no kill shelter?

In Canada, police were on their way breakup a cannabis farm, when they encountered 13 bears, seemingly guarding the pot.

The bears were quite docile when they were approached, disbursing without incident, after a munching binge.

Finally, in Scotland, a cat wandered into an animal shelter, after crossing a busy highway….. with a can of cat food covering its eyes and  head.

Poor kitty was just trying to eat, found a discarded can of cat food,  put his head into the can, and then?  Stuck.

Moral of the story?  If you think you “can” you “can” do it.





A slice of heaven

Picture perfect day.

A wonderful celebration of the best of life.

Pennsylvania is so beautiful in the spring.

Green, lush lawns and trees.

Mountains and rivers and lakes and farms.

It is the closest thing to paradise that I have ever experienced.

Yes, I do enjoy the Great Northwest, Washington, Oregon and Utah.

And there is something about Southern California, especially San Diego, with its consistently warm days and its gorgeous sunsets, that cannot be surpassed.

However, over all, Pennsylvania, with its four seasons, makes me feel alive.

Tonight is one of the best nights of my life.

Just like every other night.

Can it get any better than this?

Looking out from my deck onto one of the most fabulous yards in the world.

It just may be that I am living the dream.

And it is in my own backyard.


Enjoyment? or Servitude? And why?

Monday:  Working or retired?

What’s the difference?



Corporate goals?

Or your own?

Sleeping until your inner clock is comfortable?

Or an alarm that does not care how you feel?

After all, if you can’t march to the drummer, you can’t possibly advance.

And then, one day, nothing seems right.

You need how many millions to retire?

To do what?

Most of us have a few bucks, no pension, and a life to live.

So we decide:  To carry on? or to live while we are still alive.

We plant a garden.

We downsize.

We no longer need the trappings of an affluent existence.

Our family expands, to include friends, inviting those who are struggling with decisions: Let’s just simplify our lives, cherishing one another, sharing what we have.

And then?

We start to enjoy our lives.


Less is more.

And sharing is caring.

No, nothing is that simple.

Or is it?

Until tomorrow,




Rainy Day Women

I call it the “Rain Syndrome”


Craving sweets

Reading books

Lazy days

But then, another craving:  This time for a cheese steak.

Reluctantly, I got dressed and headed out.

Forgot my phone at home charging

Ran into a few friends and got carried away, as usual

Home in time for the Tony Awards

Decided to watch the show in bed.

Bad idea

Slept though most of it

Wide awake at midnight

ID channel?


Why do I watch this stuff?

Woke up this morning, took one look in the mirror and decided I am more frightening than ID ever was.

Have I mentioned?

I love rainy days.