Who are we?

We are two desperate golden girls that are looking for fame and fortune because we need it in order to live!

We are working stiffs, which have never met, but became the best of buddies!

We have lots of things in common, married to men with the same names and habits, both of them retired, while their two golden beavers go out and bring home a sliver of bacon!

We work for the same corporation and, when you factor in the hours we work weekly, are paid below minimum wage!  Both have had more root canals than the Panama Canal! 

We look forward to sharing our insane lives with all of you on a regular basis.

Stay tuned ………

Who are we?


Real old?

Still working?

Then you might like us.

We are “Banana” and “Wolfie” , 2 golden girls, and we would love to share our wild day to day adventures with you.

Tune in.


We will be here everyday….

…. To amuse you

…. To share our trials and tribulations

…. To offer advice

…. And, mostly, to welcome you all into our world.