Who let the horse out?

“Hey, here comes Gordon. Oh no, he forgot to zip up his pants.”

“Well, I think one of the guys should tell him. Not us girls.”

“There is not one man around. You know they never get to breakfast until 9 o’clock.”

“You tell him Minnie. You know how to talk to people.”

“Ok. Hey Gord, getting a little drafty, isn’t it?”

“Huh? I think it is hot in here. No air circulating at all.”

“Uhm, what’s the old saying? XYZ? Hahahah.”

“What the hell you talking about Minnie? You aren’t making any sense this morning. I have to get coffee.”

“So much for that. I think you ought to talk to him, Wolf.”

“All right. I guess I can try.”

“Hey Gordon, do you remember that song, ‘Who Let the Dogs Out?’”

“Yeah, so?”

“I guess somebody left the door open.”

“So what’s your point?”

“You know, if you leave the barn door open, the horse will get out.”

“You women are really ridiculous. The song was about dogs, not horses.”

“Yeah, well, what you doing for lunch Gordon? Going to the home of the whopper?”

“What the hell is so funny? Thank God, here comes Frank. At least he makes sense, most of the time.”

“Hey Frank, what’s up?”

“ Hi Gordon, not much. By the way, your pants aren’t zipped.”

“Thanks Buddy. Hey, the girls are going to Burger King for lunch. Sounds pretty good. I haven’t had a whopper in years. Wanna go?”