“I just heard that it is imperative to brine the turkey.”

“What? No way. Why?”

“I don’t know. I guess it makes the bird fluffier.”

“Who wants a fluffy bird? I want a good old fashioned turkey.”

“What is brine, anyway?”

“Salt and water and spices. You dip the bird in it, I guess.”

“Yeah, I saw it on the Food Network. They say it really makes the bird tasty.”

“Oh Oh. Here comes Ms. Barkley, our in house bird watcher. She never eats fowl.”

“I heard that. I will have you know that I am not eating with you this year. I refuse to be around a dead roasted bird. There is something unholy about it.”

“So where are you going?”

“To the Chinese restaurant.”

“Guess you would rather eat cat, eh? Hahahahaah.”

“Very funny, you hose head. You know I am a vegetarian.”

“Are we really gonna have a brined turkey?”

“I hope not. I mean, all this fancy new stuff they show on the Food Channel, just to confuse us. I hate that when someone tries to ruin our traditional meals.”

“They even said the green bean casserole is no good. They have a new recipe out with nuts and cranberries in it.”

“And they put cheese in mashed potatoes.”


“I wonder if our cook watches that show? I sure hope not.”

“Here she comes now. Let’s ask her.”

“Hey, Mrs. Roberts, do you watch the food network?”

“Of course I do. It is my favorite channel.”

“Did you get any new ideas for our dinner this Thanksgiving?”

“Of course I did. Lots of changes this year. You will be surprised.”

“Uhm, uhm, Ms. Barkley? What time are you going to the Chinese Restaurant tomorrow? Can we tag along?”



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