We had a wonderful holiday at the home. Everyone is stuffed and bloated and glassy eyed, after eating left over turkey and the trimmings. Now it is time to watch TV and crash.

“What’s on tonight?”

“I don’t care what you want, we are watching the PBS channel. Do Wop is on.”

“God, I hate that music. It is so dumb.”

“I love it.”

“It all sounds the same, do wop do wop do wop.”

“When was that popular anyway? In the 60s?”

“Who cares? It is really a drag.”

“Last night they had the 50s on. Patti Page and Gogi Grant and all those wonderful love songs.”

“Thank God I went to bed early. That stuff is terrible.”

“So what do you like?”

“I prefer the good stuff, like old blue eyes and Tony what’s his name.”

“Tony? Who the hell is Tony? The only Tony I know is Tony Soprano.”

“Well in case you didn’t hear, he is moving to Hunterdon County, NJ.”

“Let him. Everyone knows Jersey is full of those mafia types.”

“I think I will go to my room and watch a movie.”

“What movie?”


“Oh really? I love that movie. Bring it out here and we can all watch it.”

“Oh no you don’t. We are watching Do Wop out here. Who wants to watch an invisible rabbit, anyway?”

“Let’s take a vote…. Those who want Do Wop, say Aye. Ok 3 votes. And those who want Harvey? Yes!!! 12 votes. Harvey wins by a mile.”

“You do-woppers can go to your rooms.”

“Well! I’ll be damned. Who do you think you are, anyway?”

“Dowd. Elwood P. Allow me to introduce my dear friend. Hahahahah.”



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