“Do you ever have a dream and when you wake up, you just can’t shake it?”

“No, not really.”

“Well, Minnie, I had this dream last night and I think it might be a warning. I had better take heed.”

“Ok, what was it all about?”

“I was in the military. I got called before the board of big shots and they wanted to know why I had crashed a plane and never told anyone. I was shocked. I don’t know how to fly an airplane. Well, they were sure I had done it and wanted to know how it happened.”

“First of all, you are too old to be in the military.”

“You never know, the maximum age could be raised. Anyway, I was told that I had caused 2 million dollars of damage and they wanted answers. I kept telling them I had no memory of flying a plane and they were insistent that it was me.”

“What did happen Wolf?”

“Not you too. I am telling you I didn’t do it.”

“So then what?”

“I overhead a conversation when the board was making its final decision. They said, ‘We know she did it. Let’s put her back in a plane and see what happens.’”


“I got in and flew the damn thing. And I didn’t crash. So when I landed, the decision was made: Get rid of her. Liar liar, pants on fire. Dishonorable discharge. But they were crying when they told me. I guess they felt bad.”

“Yeah, probably about the crashed plane.”

“I was heart broken. I took pride in being the oldest living woman in the service. Now I would have to go home and find a job. And when they found out I had crashed a plane, who would hire me?”

“Aha! So you did crash it!”

“Yes….I mean no…It’s just that I am worried. Everyone says dreams predict your future. I am doomed.”

“Like you are going to apply for a job as a pilot? Give me a break. No one would hire you even if you didn’t crash that plane.”

“Why not?”

“Drug tests, that’s why.”

“Are you saying I have a drug problem?”

“Yup. Alcohol. Wait: I think Northwest Airlines has plenty of drunk pilots. Maybe you should apply there.”



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