“Don’t you wonder how people pick names for their kids, Minnie?”

“Never lost a minute of sleep over it.”

“No, I mean, doesn’t it have to do with your last name? Like Thing.”


“Thing. That is a last name. Now why would you name your kid Harry?”


“Or Ball. Would you name your kid Volley? Or basket?”

“Have you been drinking?”

“How about Johnson? Such a common name, but Dick?”

“Time for you to go to bed, Wolf. Your imagination is running rampant.”

“I happen to be a collector of bad names, Minnie. A guy I worked with was named Rich N.”

“Ok, I’ll bite. Rich N what?”


“No way.”

“And then there was Clara.”

“Don’t tell me. Was it Belle?”

“Yes! How did you know?”


“Hough. Pronounced HO.”

“I can’t wait.”


“I think you are insane, Wolf.”

“Wait. And then there is Burd.”

“Don’t tell me. Big?”

“No. Blue.”

“Well, I have one for you Wolf.”

“Yeah, what?”

“Van Dyke.”

“I give up.”


“What’s funny about that?”

“He doesn’t know what he is.”



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