“What a goofy day, Minnie. Wanna hear about it?”


“Ok, here it goes:

Pat brought a salad for lunch and drank it. Yup, she went wild with her juicer again.

Mary Cat came in with an old folk’s cane. It had a bunch of stuff on it, for those who are over the hill. A pill bottle, a magnifying glass, a bicycle horn, stuff like that. She got it for her birthday. I noticed right away it was missing a flask.

I had to protect E from the vultures who sit up front. They should know better than to wander into the cougar’s territory. Anyway, I can beat up anyone of those beavers, hands down. They know better than to fool with the Wolf and E.

Pattie’s cheeks were bright red. She shook her booty so many times around the office that she got sweaty. Now I call her stinky.

Wawa woke up to a leaky pipe. No, not that kind of pipe. A water pipe. Or so she says. But I did notice she was acting mighty silly and kept saying things like ‘far out. Can you dig it? And other old hippie lingo.

J.C. brought in a new um, um, thing. It is pink, furry, has big blue eyes and talks nonsense. No, it wasn’t Paris Hilton. It was some other strange creature.

Babs went completely out of her mind. Poor thing. Over worked, under paid, and then she had to order Chinese for lunch. She always orders the same thing when she is stressed. 25 egg rolls and cat nip. She swears by the cat nip. They use real cats.

I met the 2 new people today. Nice kids. I said to one of them, ‘guess what?’ and he said, ‘I don’t have the foggiest idea.’ I said, No. No. No.
You are supposed to say what! So he says, ‘Ok, what?’ and I said ‘Chicken Butt.’ He didn’t get it.”

“Excuse me Wolf, but I don’t have a clue what the hell you are talking about.”

“It’s ok Minnie, forget it. It was just another day of life in corporate America.”



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