“Pretty sad tonight, Wolf. Why the long face?”

“Just thinking about a family. 6 kids and a mom. Here illegally. No food, no shoes, no electricity, no toys….”

“How very tragic.”

“Yeah. I am getting some stuff together. One of the girls at work will be taking it over to them this weekend.”

“Can’t they get any assistance?”

“No. Not when they are here illegally. I think they will be deported, but until then, they need help.”

“I can only imagine how many people are in the same predicament. It is so very troubling.”

“Yes, Minnie. Our problems seem trivial next to theirs. I know I can’t save the world, but I am deeply saddened by this. I will do what I can, groceries, clothing, toys, but my heart breaks for them. I can only offer them a band aid, when they need a miracle.”

“I suppose they came here, to live the American dream.”

“Yes. I suppose.”

“Do you think they will make it?”

“No, Minnie. I don’t.”

“Then why even try to help them?”

“Because, I am an American. I may not be living the dream, but I will never quit dreaming. Not for me, nor for them. I don’t know this family, but I love them. And I will do what I can, one family at a time, until we all live the dream, together.”



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