Things I learned this week:


Never wear a white shirt when you eat spaghetti.


Running the AC in your car does not increase gas consumption.


If you feed a squirrel, he is yours for life.


Weeds tend to grow wild in hot weather.


All workers smile when they leave work.


You don’t have to go on a trip to go on vacation.


When you screw something up, you get more attention than when you don’t.


The margaritas on ladies night are watered down.


A power outage is just as bad in the summer, as in the winter.


There is nothing good on TV.


Never give a friend advice about a relationship.


If you are working, Fridays can be just as long as Mondays.


Don’t wear a bra that doesn’t fit right.


Laugh often, and mostly, at yourself.


And finally: Learn something new every day.












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