“The weekend was wild, Minnie.  The wounded warriors returned to work.”


“Oh?  Who got wounded?”


“Kat had her middle finger bandaged.  She said the only way to relieve the pain was to elevate that third finger.  Chirp. Chirp.”


“What happened?”


“Nothing, really, Minnie. Kat has been dying to give us all the bird.”


“Who else was wounded?”


“Well, Jacy, Beaver, MCat and I all came in with the same malady:  Ears, Minnie. Our ears are shot.  And talk about grouchy.  At one point, the Beav had to approach MCat, with some unsettling news.  I could see she needed support, so I accompanied the Beaver while she delivered the bad news.  MCat’s system had to be rebooted.”


“How did that go?”


“MCat went wild, and beat up the Beav. Being the supportive type, I could see that the Beav was in a lose/lose situation, so I helped MCat beat the %@@5@#5@5 out of the Beav.”


“And you call that supportive?”


“Sure.  I hedge my bets, Minnie.”


“Didn’t Carl or Erica or Oscar or  Candy come to the rescue?”


“Hell no.  Don’t talk to me about those 4 goofs.  Carl had the nerve to get promoted, so he enjoyed the brutality.  Erica and Candy loved the drama, and of course, Pat, took the sword.  Damn martyr.  And all of us made several visits to Jacy’s desk, to examine her extensive ear pain relieving meds.”


“How is your ear tonight, Wolf?”


“Being the artistic person I am, I cut it off, taking my cue from Salvatore Dali.  Or is it Salvador?  Oh well..  And guess what?  Now I can paint!


“Did Beav need medical attention?”


“Yes.  As a beaver, we called the vet, and he said she had rabies.  She has to drink at least 3 bottles of wine every night and take on all of Carl’s accounts.”


“Oh for crazy!”


“Yeah.  It’s a brutal world out there, Minnie.  But I am optimistic about my ear.”


“How’s that?”


“I got the name of Beav’s  doc. I went to see him tonight.  4 bottles of wine, Minnie. And my ear problems will be the least of my worries.”





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