“Care to comment on your day, Wolf?”


“My day?  I didn’t do anything out of the ordinary.  It was what others did that made the day.”




“Yup.  How many people have a boss who cares too much?  Oh she acts like she is a tough cookie, and all that jazz, and she can be intimidating, at times.  However, when it comes down to her people, you could not find a more caring, supportive person.  She offers opportunities and has high expectations.   She is a role model, works her ass off, and still finds time to laugh with us.  Even though she had to be off site today, she knew one of us needed special attention and tender loving care.  All she had to do was mention it, and we rose to the challenge.  Have a great vacation, Tara.  You deserve it.”




“Yeah.  And then there was this impossible job.  Several hundred books needed by Monday morning.  Could it be done?  It would be difficult.  We were overloaded with work, other customers who also had deadlines.  The sales people cried for help. Please?  Can you?  Is it possible?  This is so very important to our customer.  I had my doubts, and so did the production crew.  But they rose to the challenge, and in the late afternoon, I walked into the print center, and saw Tim, the lead, working at the machine to complete the job.  The books shipped out tonight, 25 cartons of them.  The customer was delighted, and I was in awe of what had been accomplished.  I love it, working for a company that can rise to the challenge and do the impossible.”


“What role did you play?”


“Cheerleading, Minnie.”


“What else?”


“You might remember, that Candy recently moved into the back room.  Well, most people would probably not feel comfortable around that group of degenerates, and  Candy is definitely a different breed.  She is the ultimate Pollyanna, the person least likely to be corrupted.  She is as innocent as a kitten, focuses on her work and not one bit like those goofs who work back there.”


“She must feel awful, leaving the sane area of the facility, to move in with you idiots.”


“Hey, listen. Her husband asked her how she felt about the move. And to his surprise, she told him she loved it.”


“What the hell?”


“Yup. Another one bites the dust, Minnie.  I love it when we corrupt the innocent.  A week with us, and Candy is enjoying the entertainment and disruption.  Geez, I am so happy she moved back there.  I can’t wait til she tells Pat to shut the hell up.”


“Anything else?”


“Oh, I could tell you more, but, as you know, I work late every night, and I am feeling a tad bit woozy.”


“From working?”


“Yes, Minnie, from working.  After 3 beers, I can barely raise my hand.”

“Wolf, you are incorrigible.”


“Thanks, Minnie.  Can you get me another beer?  Oh, and a straw?”







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