“I was walking out to my car  yesterday and saw an enormous goose feather.  I picked it up to admire it and threw it in the car.  Today, when I went grocery shopping, I sat on it and it stuck to the hind end of my jeans.”


“You walked around the store with a feather in your keester?”


“Yeah.  Then I went to the pharmacy, the liquor store, the beer distributor, the gas station and the deli, and guess what was still there?”


“How did you know it was still there?”


“Everywhere I went, people were laughing, pointing at me and saying, “Quack Quack.”


“Didn’t that make you wonder?”


“No.  I am used to people who make animal noises.  I work in the back room.  Anyway, I thought it was cute, so I said, “Oink Oink.”


“Aren’t you embarrassed?  Running around town with a feather in your ass?”


“Heck no.  I got so much attention, and so many smiles, I am saving that feather to wear to work on Monday.”


“Oh for crazy!”


“Listen, Minnie.  That feather is a treasure.  If it makes people laugh, and get a little comic relief, why not?”


“You can’t be serious.  You aren’t going to wear that goose feather to work, are you?”


“Heck no, not me.  I am putting some glue on it and when MCat walks by……”


“You wouldn’t!”


“Yes I would.  You know she says that when she yells at me, it does no good.  I just laugh at her. Wait til Monday when everyone laughs when she yells.”


“Are you kidding?  MCat will be furious when she finds out.”


“Hell, I will blame it on Pat.”


“Why do you pick on Pat?  She is such a sweet person.”


“No, she isn’t, Minnie.  Before she left on Friday, she shook her booty at me.  And guess what?”




“There was a goose feather in her booty.  I wonder how it got there.”








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