“Some days are really special, Minnie.  Today was not quite in that category:  special, all right, in a most unusual way.  It started with a bagel and ended with Rita’s ice.”


“And in between?”


“Something snapped, Minnie.  I think it was my mind, but I had a restless feeling, an urge to incite, a compelling desire to celebrate life, and to stir up the troops.  I was accused of being an instigator of nonsense by several people, in unrelated incidents, and I believe I have finally found my purpose in life.”


“What’s that?”


“Added value, Minnie. When you’re down and out, feeling low, find the Wolf and your life will blow.”


“Oh for crazy!”


“My purpose in life is to create an environment where the crazy exceeds the norm.  Everyone is special and important.  Observe.  Listen.  And watch what happens.  There is an opportunity waiting, with every person you meet.  It is amazing how people respond to those who open themselves up.  Secrets, desires, troubles, dreams…. we all have them.”


“Why would anyone share those things with a goofy, deranged idiot like you?”


“I don’t know, but they do.  And my cup overflows every day, whether it is on the phone, with customers, or face to face with my coworkers.  It’s a mystery, Minnie.  And you know what?  It’s not magic.  It has nothing to do with me. It’s all about others, and their unique stories, just waiting to be heard.  It is the most simple thing in the world and it brings the most joy:  Connecting with others.”


“Do you think you might have a few screws loose, Wolf?  Who really benefits from their chance meetings with you?  How does this change anyone’s life?”


“I never said it dd.  But it sure makes my life worthwhile.”





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