“I wonder why there are so many customer service reps who were born in July.  Do you think there might be some truth to horoscopes?”


“Sure.  Care givers, saps, and door mats.  That’s why.”


“Hey. Wait.  I look at Suzanne:  She is a strong woman, crabby as hell in the morning, loves gardening and crafting, and a devoted wife and mother of cats.”


“Care giver.”


“Then Shannon.  Loves her home, her dogs, traveling, and collecting treasures.”


“Care giver.”


“Ok, then Donna:  Loving mother, grand mother, wife.  She will do whatever she has to, to support her family.”


“Care giver.”


“Well, then there is Erica:  Crazy on the surface, but has a kind heart, a deep devotion to her family and church, and to her sister’s dogs.”
“Come on, Wolf.  Another care giver.”


“Karissa:  Very kind, does special things for her husband, family and dog, and loves the elf on the shelf.”


“Can’t you see the pattern?  Another care giver.”


“Moving on to Michele:  Loves to rescue animals, wears her heart on her sleeve and is full of love and caring for her friends and family.”


“Yes, Wolf.  Care giver.  Did you forget the Beaver?”


“No. The Beaver has 6 cats, a zillion friends,  a lovely home, and collects antiques.”


“Please, Wolf.  Not another care giver.”


“And then, Minnie, there is me.  I am not exactly crazy about my cats.  We have a love/hate relationship.  I would rather go to a bar, alone, than invite people over.  I could live out of a suitcase, in a hotel in NYC, and I can’t stop talking to every one I meet.”




“Not a care giver?”


“Are you sure you were born in July?”


“Oh that’s right.  I changed my birthday to 4/20.”


“Pot head.”




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