“The worst time to write a blog is when you have nothing to say, Minnie.  So, this blog is about absolutely nothing.”


“You should have plenty to say about today, Wolf.  It was a disaster.”




“The well water pump went out.  We have no water.”




“The plumber can’t make it til Monday.”




“Puff Daddy went back into heat and woke you up at 4am.”




“You got another horrible hair cut.”




“We need another oil delivery.”




“Your friend Christiana got sick and is in the hospital.”




“Your buddies, Adam and Jose found other jobs.”




“Ozzie is no longer your bff since you called him a fatty fatty 2×4.”




“Your cell phone died.”




“You left the wine and beer in the car, while you went on one of your tours, and they are not chilled.”


“What?  Oh geez, Minnie.  You have be kidding.  Can you run down to the pub and get a few cold ones?”


“Sorry, Wolf, they are closed for the holiday weekend.”


“Well, I’ll be a monkey’s uncle.  You are absolutely right, Minnie.  It is a disastrous day.  For once, I can’t wait for Monday!”




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