“How was your Wednesday, Wolf?”


“Wild, wacky and wicked.  It was one of those days when you wonder where the hours went.  My adrenalin is at a dangerously high level. Solve one problem, 2 more emerge.  I finally had to confess:  either the world is full of idiots, or I am the idiot.”


“You know what they say:  If you have a problem, look in the mirror.  It could be you.  Strike that:  It is you.”


“Yup.  As the famous philosopher Pogo once said, “We have met the enemy and he is us.”


“Do you feel you accomplished anything today? Do you feel you earned your pay?  Will you awake at dawn with a winged heart tomorrow and give thanks for another day of chaos?”


“One question at a time, Minnie.  In the words of Scarlett O’Hara, “I need a red petticoat.”


“That was Mammy, you goof.  Get your stories straight.”


“OK, then, in the words of the Lone Ranger, “Who is that masked woman?”


“The Lone Ranger never said that.  It was Tonto.”


“Oh yeah.  Tonto, the dog, who hung out with Dorothy in Kansas, and all those little drunk dwarfs.”


“May I ask you a personal question, Wolf?”




“What?  I am asking anyway.  Do you think your drinking has affected your memory?  Or your behavior?”


“Absolutely.  And by the way, a very nice vodka, but I happen to prefer grey goose.”


“Getting back to my original question, Wolf, did you have a good day?”


“Can you hold that question for tomorrow, Minnie?  The rain is pouring, the winds are blowing and there are lions and tigers and geese, oh my!”


“Face it Wolf.  You had a bad day.  Not typical for you, I must say.”


“The sun will come out tomorrow, Annie. I mean, Minnie.  So let’s just wait for that.  OK?”







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