“Good afternoon, this is Carol.”


“What the hell?  Are you the same Carol I just talked to?”


“No, this is a new Carol. You got me now.”


“Well, well, well.  A warm body actually answered?  Do you know how many times I have called to talk to somebody, anybody, who can tell me why I got this package from you?  I am in Baltimore, and I want to know why I got this package. I refuse to open this package.  There is someone else’s name on it.  Why did you send it to me?   I am very frustrated.  Doesn’t any one care if I got someone else’s order?  I didn’t order anything. What the hell is going on?


“Oh my.  Let’s see.  Do you happen to see an order number on your package?  It will end in 0001.”


“Yeah, I do.  Here it is. Now what?”


“Let’s get to the bottom of this mystery.  Oh!  I see it is from a cruise company.  Are you familiar with them?”


“Well, yes, I have requested material from them in the past.  But I refuse to open this package. What if there are airline tickets in it or something? ”


“I am checking now, for you, and you will be happy to know that this order was sent to you as a special gift. 4 brochures for cruises to Alaska and the Orient.  Wow.  That sounds so great!  It would be so nice to take a cruise.”


“I guess it was meant for me.  I just didn’t want to open someone else’s mail.”


“Well, feel free to open it, and to enjoy your brochures.  By the way, how’s the weather in Baltimore?

“It has been so hot and muggy, and then those storms.  I think they came from Pennsylvania.”


“Yeah.  It’s been a stormy summer.  Wouldn’t a cruise to Alaska be great?”


“You know, I have to say, when I called, and got the other Carol, I was not very nice to her.  Can you tell her I am sorry?”


“Sure.  If you have any other mystery deliveries from us, give me a call.  And if you have any photos of your cruise, I would love to see them.”


“Thanks, Carol.  And don’t forget to tell the other Carol, that I apologize.”


“Of course, I will.  It’s been a pleasure!”






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