Are we really who we pretend to be?


Does your mask reflect your inner self?


Do you know someone who is outwardly cheerful, but crying inside?


When you work with someone different from you, do you accept those differences?


Is it worth your time to acknowledge those who have absolutely nothing to offer you?


Would you rather be with friends?  or meet strangers? And introduce them to one another?


“Do you listen to the unspoken word?


When  you observe excellence, do you acknowledge it?


Do you take the time to reach out to those who are lonely?


If someone criticizes, do you join in?


Do you bring life and joy to those you meet?


Do you share what you have?


Do you welcome new people into the work place?


Do you look back on the past 10 years, and wonder where they went?


If you have loved, and lost, are you devastated? Or do you realize that that love is never really lost.


Have you loved a pet as a member of your family?


Do you know and accept your limitations?


“Do you compare your life to those who seem to have it all?  And do you really know?


Do you ever take off the mask, to be yourself?


Do you take time to be playful?’


Do you appreciate nature, music and art?


Or are you like me?  And if you are, do we ever learn what it’s all about?





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