A man was painting the outside door, at our facility.


All I said was, “Nice job.”


In 15 minutes, or less,  he told me :


1.  People don’t take pride in their work today.

2.  I take accountability.

3. I approach every job like I own it.

4.  We should unite and demand that the government stop ruining our country.

5.  I have been going to the same bank for 25 years and they denied me a loan for $2000.

6.  I am 60 years old and am making less money now than I did 20 years ago.

7.  12 medical interns moved into the house next door to where I live.  They all drive expensive cars. And they are very snobby.

8.  Nobody ever questions what I do on my job.

9.  We should all start buying only American products.

10.  I’m going back to the bank today and talking to the manager.


I took another break.


A male employee was there, taking a break.


All I said was, “Hi. How’s it going?”


He said:


1.  Good.  I am the most productive person in the office.

2.  I do 5 times the work that anyone else does.

3.  My problem is that I start out fast, end fast, but the middle isn’t so great.  Around noon, I slow down.  I am not consistent.

4.  I rescued my Mother from my Dad.  He was abusive.

5.  I threw him a punch and he landed in a broken desk.

6.  I sneaked out of the house at 2am with my mother.

7. I won’t be working here long.  Maybe 3 more weeks.

8. I used to throw 60 lb boxes around all day, at my last job.

9. My hand hurts.  Must be from beating up my Dad.

10. You don’t have an extra cigarette, do you?”


Then, another encounter.


Again, on break.


A young man was sitting at the picnic table, drinking iced tea.

I said, “Good thing you are keeping dehydrated in this hot weather.”


He replied:


1.  Yeah, look at this.  (he showed me his thermos) I drank 3 quarts of iced tea, just this morning.

2.  It is at least 130 degrees in the truck I am loading.

3.  I went to the Pocono nascar race.  That damn Jr. won.

4.  Did you know that I have driven that track?

5.  I wanted to go 200 miles per hour, but they wouldn’t let me go over 100.

6.  By the way, I am through with women.

7.  All they want to do is talk about themselves.

8.  Yak, yak, yak.  And I never get to say a word.

9. And I screwed up.  I lost my license.

10.  When I get it back, watch out world.


Moral of the story:  There is none.  It just happens to me all the time.





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