Dragging tonight.


Slightly disoriented.


I hope my phone doesn’t ring.


I need space.


One of the wildest  work weeks I have ever experienced.


Did I do everything I needed to do?


My mind is racing.


I can’t remember how to relax.


Yoga?  Meditation?  Self hypnosis? Deep breathing?  Bio feedback?


I take a bubble bath.


With candles.


And wine.


I feel silly.


I laugh.


I feel the stress dissolving in the bubbles.


I look around.  So much to do.


It’s the weekend.


It’s my choice to do what I want to do.


I plan to get up early and meet friends for breakfast.


After that, the world is my oyster.


I think I will take my oyster for a walk and enjoy the beautiful weather, sit in the park and read a book.


What doesn’t get done won’t matter.


What a wonderful week it was, in retrospect.


Stress has a way of bringing me back to reality.


I did the best I could.


And after the storm, the rainbow.


Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!









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