“I have decided I am going to tone it down, Minnie.”

“Now what did you do?”


“I sneaked birthday cake into bindery.  That is a no no.”


“Why do you do these things? You could get those kids in trouble.”


“And, I told the new HR Manager that my name was Chicken Buttafucco, Chicken Butt for short.”


“Oh for stupid.”


“Then I went out for a break, in the scorching heat and turned into a fried piece of bacon.”




“Oscar passed out some new awful treats.   A PBJ fruit thingy.  I gave mine to Freddy.  Now Freddy won’t talk to me.”


“Do you blame him?”


“I tried to settle down, but the more I tried, the more wild I got.  It was one of those problematic days.  I had to spend most of my day chasing rainbows and ghosts, in the warehouse.  I let loose.  I got into the moment.  And you would not believe what I found out.”


“Oh brother.”


“Someone is leaving.  Another is having a baby.  There was a secret wedding this past weekend.  Bees are dying.  A death in the family.  A friend baked 3 cakes, to celebrate birthdays and a wedding.  A beloved puppy with a mysterious disease.  Awesome team work, to satisfy a customer.  The root cause for psoriasis. A failed marriage.  A planned retirement.  Advice on social security benefits.  Someone won a trip to Mexico, all expenses paid.  A bonding with an unlikely source.”


“Yeah, ok. Sounds like another typical day for you, Wolf.  So? Are you really going to tone it down?”




“I knew it.  You live for those moments.  I guess it’s true.  You may not remember what happened today, or any day, for that matter. But you will always remember the people who made those days, and moments special.”


“I guess I better get ready for tomorrow, Minnie.   It’s bound to be a spectacular day.”


















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