“Good day, Wolf?”


“Have you ever seen a thriving, happy bee colony, Minnie? With a queen bee who worked as hard as her workers?  A well oiled machine.  A productive group of bees, who clicked, and were a world class organization.  If you wanted to observe excellence, this special hive always came to mind.  And then the bees started to leave.”


“Bees don’t leave when they are happy, do they?”


“Well the best bees are very loyal.  They have a positive outlook on the future of the hive.  And then they start to feel the pressures of the hive. They are having baby bees, they are getting married, they reach a point when they need a challenge, a change.  They excel at their jobs, produce the best honey, and are prime targets for the competitive hives.”


“You mean other bee colonies solicit the best bees?”


“Yes. And they start to leave, one by one, until there are only a few of the seasoned bees left.”


“What do you think the hive could have done, to keep those star bees?”


“That, my dear, Minnie, is not for me to say.  I am a bee in another hive, adjacent to the super hive.  I don’t know if you realize it or not, but bees do cry.  And tonight, I am crying, but only for myself.  I have to wish all those bees who are leaving a very happy and successful new life.  I can understand their choice. But it breaks my bee heart.”


“Which bee is leaving now, Wolf?”


“The amazing Birdman Bee, Minnie.”


“You mean Anthony?”


“Yes.  Anthony.”


“You love that bee, Anthony, don’t you?”


“We all do.”


“If you could say something to Anthony, tonight, what would you say?”


“Anthony: You made the hive a special hive. Thank you. And my very best wishes for you and your family.  You will be missed, but never forgotten.”





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