“I hear you will be MIA for a few days, Wolf.”


“Yes, and don’t try to call me.  I will be on official business.”


“What? At the casino?  You call that official business?”


“It’s as official as I get.”


“I hope you aren’t taking the bus. Remember the last time, you ended up on a bus to New York City.”


“Actually, it doesn’t matter where I end up.  I always have a wonderful time.”


“Please don’t talk to strangers, Wolf.  Just zip it. And try to maintain some semblance of dignity.”


“Now wait a minute.  Just how many people do I know that will be at the casino?  Or in NYC?  I have to talk to strangers.  Whenever I run into a stranger, my mouth opens and it talks.  I have a mouth that is a loose cannon.   I think it all stems from my childhood.  I was a homely little girl, with permed curly hair, forced to attend church practically every day, living in the North Pole.”


“You lived in Minnesota, you goof.”


“Same thing.”


“What does your mouth have to do with your upbringing?”


“There were 7 kids.  Have you ever tried to compete with 6 siblings, not to mention,  Archie and Edith?”


“Who are they?”


“My Dad and Mom.  Identical.  Well, my mouth was quiet for all those years, and under developed.  It took several decades for it to fully realize its potential.  Now it won’t shut the hell up.”


“Can’t you take something for that?”


“Yes.  I do.  It’s called wine.  I have a few blasts, and I let my mouth do what it wants.  You know, they say, if you try to control everything, you lose control.  So I let it go wild.”


“Do these strangers actually talk to you?  Or do they think you are a nut case?”


“Yes, and yes.”


“How can you possibly enjoy yourself, acting like a maniac, seeking out strangers, while you are half in the bag?”


“Come on, Minnie. I don’t do it that often.”


“If you ask me, you do it every day.”


“I’m not asking, Minnie.  And don’t call me.”


“Why not?”


“I got a new cell phone and for the life of me, I can’t figure out how to answer it.”







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