“Well now, you seem a little detached tonight, you goofy Wolf.  How was your Tuesday?”


“Tuesday?  Is it Tuesday?  I thought it was Monday.”


“You took Monday off, you idiot.  Don’t you remember?”


“Oh yeah.  I took it off.  So?  My days are a little hosed up.  Big deal.  There’s something to be said about sticking to a routine.  Tuesdays are never as bad as Mondays.  But today was.”


“It doesn’t matter if you take a week or a month or a day off.  Whenever you return to the grind, it is Monday.”


“Well, at least tomorrow is Tuesday.”


“Ok Wolf.  Whatever you say.  So how was your Monday aka Tuesday?”


“I awoke at dawn, with a winged heart, took out the garbage, drove to work, and forgot my password to my computer.  A password has a memory span of 2 days.  After that, gone with the wind.  I couldn’t get logged in, had to call the help desk, and the kid asked me for my company id.  I told him, “Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn.”




“He told me to quit the Scarlett O’Hara act, and cough it up.  When I told him that it was Monday and I was slightly off kilter, he transferred me to his supervisor, who immediately recognized me.  He said, “It’s you again, isn’t Wolf?  May I ask? Did you take a day off again?”


“Oh for crazy!”


“Luckily he has my company ID on file, and gave me a new password.  Another password to remember?   See what happens when I take a day off?  And then, the fun began.”


“Then what?”


“I got a survey, asking me to rate the help desk on their performance.  I responded immediately,  of course, and in the meantime, forgot the new password.  I guess I should have made a note of it.  Anyway, when I called back, the kid said, “Can I help you?”  And I said, yeah, it’s me again.  I forgot my password.”


“Oh brother.”


“Well, he must have recognized my voice, and he said, “Frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn.”




“Sounds like a typical Monday.”


“That it was, Minnie.  And when he hung up, I was determined to think of some way to get my password back.  I will ask Tara.   Tara! Home!  Can I go home?   After all, tomorrow is another day.”




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