“When you are stressed, does it affect your behavior? Or your interaction with others, Wolf?”


“Rarely.  I might be a little quieter, or not as playful, and when I can’t laugh at myself, I take a break, alone.”


“Was today stressful?”


“At times.  But mostly, no.  I did observe a few people who were on the ledge, and I tried to help.”




“I encouraged them to jump.”


“It sounds like you thrive on inciting mayhem, and exacerbating the chaos.”


“Yup.  I prefer to meet those challenges head on, to confront those who are acting irrationally, and to rub it in.  I get a kick out of annoying the hell out of those who have forgotten that problems are normal, for those who work.  If there were no problems, would we have our jobs?”


“It seems that your customers have the same issues, year after year.”


“New people, Minnie, inexperienced.  And they always call the Wolf, when they need help. And I enjoy every minute.  It’s called job security.  There is never a dull moment, when there is turnover and downsizing.  Nothing is more certain than change. And all customers want the same thing:  To be successful, to make (and save) money, to have their problems solved quickly and to expect and receive great service. They like the attention and appreciate having someone to contact who cares about them.”


“Don’t you ever get tired of it?”


“If and when I do, I will quit.  The real secret to working is to have a job you enjoy and to feel you can make a difference.  There are times when I screw up, granted, but I have found if you communicate with your customers, and let them know what you did, they are forgiving.  They appreciate honesty.”


“Haven’t you ever had a bad experience with a customer?”


“Come on, Minnie.  Of course I do.  And nothing I can say or do will satisfy them.   But I don’t take it personally.  I let them cool off, apologize, and make sure I give them extraordinary service. It usually helps. but some people will never come around.  Hey, that’s life.  You can’t win them all.  You might lose the battle, but not the war.”


“Well, aren’t you Miss Goody Two Shoes?”


“Me? Hardly.  I just happen to be the luckiest and craziest person in the world.”


“Have you been imbibing again, Wolf?  I thought I heard a cork popping.”


“That was no cork, Minnie.  It was me, popping my weasel.”


“Oh for crazy!”


“Let’s put it this way, Minnie.  If you are a weasel, popping is the key to happiness. And if you have found happiness, well, you are either crazy or lucky.  I just happen to have the best of both.”











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