Just a city boy, born and raised in New York City.  He took the midnight train going to the Lehigh Valley.


I remember the first time I met him.  I was green as grass and wandered into the shipping office, with a problem.  It was so busy.  But he took a look at my pathetic existence and stopped what he was doing to help me.


I knew then, that he had a heart of gold, and took care of those who needed help.


As the months and years passed, my admiration of the city boy grew. He worked hard, played hard, and had a wonderful sense of humor.


He is a bear of a man, but so gentle and patient with everyone.  I wonder, sometimes, if he received the recognition he deserved.


He is on his way back to the city, Philadelphia, this time.   I believe he will take Philly by storm, and will thrive in his new environment.


It’s been said  that only the most courageous follow their dreams.  Add courage to his many wonderful attributes.


Good luck and best wishes, Jose.  We will always remember you as the special person you are, and for the person who made all of us feel special.





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