Have any pet peeves?


How about these:


1. People who slurp their coffee.


2.  Talking to someone on the phone,  and they leave to answer their call waiting.


3.  Those who ask, “why?”


4.  No paper towels in the rest room.


5.  Moodiness.


6.  During a meeting, no one asks a question.  Afterward, well….


7.  Taking the safe way, the road of least resistance, to avoid accountability and making decisions.


8.  Cliques.


9. Someone whispering secrets, to the person sitting next to you.


10.  Chronic negativism.


11.  Those who say, “It’s not my job.”


12.  Judgmental people.


13. Observing people who dink around all day, and need help to get their jobs done.


14. Skinny people on diets.


15.  Ingratitude.


16.  Phoniness.


17.  Warm beer.


18.  Seeing injustice and doing nothing about it.


19.  The silent treatment.


20.  And finally, weekends, that only last 2 days.





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