“Do you have a favorite nursery rhyme, Wolf?”


“Yeah. Annie and the 5 bears.”


“Never heard of it.  How does that go?”


“Little Annie Bananie lives in the sticks. She refuses to be  facebook friends with any of us hicks.  The bears are listening to Stevie Nicks and sneak in her trash, just for kicks.”


“Oh for crazy.”


“And another one of my favorites:  Oscar takes a ridiculous vacation.”


“Not another obscure rhyme.”


“Oscar tells us she will be off from work.  She shows up each morning, just like a jerk.  She hates to miss the fun and the perks.  She leaves at noon and goes to the eye doctor.”


“That doesn’t rhyme.”


“So what?  Then there is another one of my favorites:  The Wolf is at the door.”


“Oh please.”


“The Wolf strolls into the office at 8.  She makes the rounds and looks for her bait.  She lures them in, with candy on her plate, while she makes the decision to blog on their fate.”


“That is so dumb.”


“Ok, so I guess my all time favorite nursery rhyme is the story of the back room.”




“There was once a Beaver who loved her wine.  And Carl thought he was oh so fine.  Candis never stepped out of line.  Erica always comes in at nine.  Oscar won’t go to 5 guys to dine.  And the Wolf, well,, she can see the sign.”


“What sign?’


“When you are banned to the back room, you should never get out of line, and dine and drink more than 9 bottles of fine wine. If you do, you will see the sign.”


“Again, what sign?’


“The sign on the wall, Minnie.  You can check out any time you wish, but if you do, we will drink like a fish.  Don’t go Carl!”












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