1.  Pat took a vacation day.  Showed up anyway, just to let MCat  know she is proactive. It didn’t go over well.


2.  Fat Gina said no to ice cream, but ate it anyway.


3.  Beav said she hates to be thrown under the bus, but the bus ran over her anyway.


4.  Erica looked for the ice cream. Gina ate it.


5.  Candis, the ultimate professional, was observed giggling like a goof.  She was never that way in the front room. What a shame.


6.  Tara asked for volunteers, twice.  Silence.  Finally, a volunteer.  Thanks, Jacy.  But please, do not email us every 10 minutes to remind us.  If you do, meet me at 9am tomorrow, out back.


7.  Donna, the jelly bean, poked me twice.  She learned that from face book.


8.  Someone in the kitting department has a rabbit.  It is a rabbit with batteries.  Hmmmm.


9.  Carl is leaving soon.  An office lottery is being held, 50 bucks a chance, to move into his cube.  Only the insane can apply.


10.  Jose moved on.  He keeps calling John.  If he keeps calling, John is getting a PFA.  (He is still cuter than John.)



Good night, everyone,







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