Feet hurt.


Crabby appletons all around me.


Pat took a half day off.  Left at noon, came back at 3.  What the hell?


Won a few battles, but Kat gave me some great advice.  Don’t give up.  3 times is a charm.


Observed the softer side of Grandma Liz, back from her trip to Colorado.  She wears her heart on her sleeve.  Did I see a tear in her eye?


Heard the bubbles popping:  Hey, Kelly and Tara:  Eat your heart out.  You might pop bubbles, but I popped my weasel.


GG wore a tutu.  She is way too cute.


Who hates steel toed shoes more than the Beaver?


Why was Kelly sitting in the corner at 515?


Who said, “Mother of God”  3 times today?


Frances misspelled Benefit.  Love that girl.


I have to meet Jacy out back at 9 tomorrow. One of us has to go.


Deb took me under her wing, and taught the old Wolf what excellence is all about.


Who is cuter? Sophia? or Fatima?


Got  6 kisses today.  Oh, how I love my Spanish friends.


The bee queen is disappearing before my eyes.  Ice cream tomorrow?


Kudos to Zack, Karen and Pete.  No more spotted dogs.


An ordinary Thursday?  Actually, it was an extraordinary, challenging day.  Who has more fun that the Wolf?











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