“It must be nice to be old and to be in good health.”


“Me?  Hell yes.”


“But don’t you have high blood pressure, high cholesterol, psoriasis, crohns and bad bones?


“Your forgot anxiety and depression, Minnie.  I have panic attacks every day.”


“Geez, it must be awful to be old and in bad health.”


“Hell no.  I just ignore all that stuff.  It’s called pain management.”


“How does that work?”


“You get a job.  Working takes your mind off your own miserable existence. Instead you focus on other miserable things.”


“Does drinking help?”


“Sure. But now I have to add wine addiction to my list of maladies.”


“Is there anything you can do to improve your health?”


“Now that is a great question.  I have asked myself that many times.  And the answer always is the same.”


“What is the answer, Wolf?”


“Pretend you are healthy, do what makes you happy and laugh at yourself.”


“I don’t understand:  If you have panic attacks every day,  how do you function?”


“I act crazy.  So when I am panicked, nobody knows the difference.”


“Do you think you might be just a little crazy?”


“No, Minnie.  I am over the top crazy, bordering on insanity.”


“Is there anything you can say to others who might have panic disorder?”


“Sure.  Let it happen.  It’s bound to happen.  Don’t fight it.  Give in to it.  And laugh your ass off when it does.  It rears its ugly head and tries to defeat you, but if there is one thing panic hates, it is laughter.”


“Anything else?”


“Yeah. Don’t laugh too hard, if you have Crohns.”






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