“Signs, signs, everywhere signs.  I should have known that today, a Monday, after a spectacular moon.would bring out the worst of times.”


“Are you approachable tonight, Wolf?  Do I dare to ask you how your day was?”


“Not if you value your life.”


“Come on.  There must have been some positive signs.”


“Candis.  Let’s just say that her stuffed zucchini was delicious, not to mention, she has a collection of cucumbers that would knock your socks off.  I saw the one she gave Pat, and I said, ‘hey, Pat, I will show you my cucumber, if you show me yours.’


“That is so tacky.”

“Pat said she couldn’t possibly show me her cucumber, at least, not in the office.”


“Why not?”


“She ate it, so I pretended to shoot her, with mine.”


“Where is that cucumber”


“I carried it into the bar tonight, so everyone could see my cucumber, and I got arrested.”


“Are you sure you showed everyone your cucumber and not something else?”


“Of course, Minnie.  I got arrested for carrying unauthorized food into an eating establishment.”


“Did you end up in jail?”


“No, the cops took my cucumber and my gift certificate from dunkin donuts, and gave me a warning.”




“Yeah.  I had to promise that I would not show my cucumber in public.”


“Well, thank goodness for that.”


“I have learned my lesson, Minnie. No more cucumbers. But did I mention? I have a lovely banana on my desk.  If you show me your banana, I will show you mine.”





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