A black eye.


A child falling asleep in her mother’s arms.


I’m nobody. Who are you? Emily?


2 birthday cakes.


Job interview:  Rejected.


Rain on a sunny day.


A phone call:  Can you send me food stamps?


The man who looked like he was homeless, but is dying from cancer.


A missing cart was found.


Robbery on a lunch hour.


A no hit game, little league world series, female, from PA.


Checked his pension:  $58.10, a month.


Sprinkles.  That’s what he wants, on his last day with us.


Guess what?  Chicken Butt.  Damn, I hate when they know the answer.


Cat stalking a mouse in the house.  Hey, you idiot, the mouse is in your toy box.


1 step forward, 2 steps back.


Someone stole her calculator.


She is doing what?  Flying a plane?


40 years old, and amazing.


Why, Stephanie, why?


Where’s the gripper?


One more beer, please.  Oh, hell, make it two more.


And the movie never ends, it goes on and on and on and on.






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