Is something going on in America?


This is the 2nd day of unrest and madness, in the work place.


For example:


Miranda cried.


Erica refused to eat raspberry pie.


Oscar tore out of the place at noon, with no certainty of returning.


Pat got challenged to the ice bucket, after a rant on facebook.


Candis was despondent.  Well, not really.  She was way too cheerful, considering the circumstances.


The 6th cube was empty, but not for long.  It is now the primary food pantry of the back room.


The old chicken butt, aka Wolf, had a non stop epic marathon, running her ass off, chasing the ghosts and demons of the unshipped orders.


Email?  Don’t even ask.  Would people respond that way, if they met you face to face?  Or picked up the phone to discuss?  There is something evil about email.


Instant chats?  There is nothing chatty about a dozen irate chats, all asking, at the same time:  ARE U THERE?  Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.


And then, the tide began to turn.


Miranda finally laughed.


Erica refused the pie, but ate chocolate.


Pat brought pizza and wings back from her escape at noon.


Candis,well, now, that is another story.  Still cheerful, a hopeless case.


Pat ate crow, and accepted the challenge.


The Wolf, aka chicken butt, loaded up the food pantry, and force fed the masses.


At the end of the day, the 5 warriors had survived.  The challenges had been met. And tomorrow, well, stay tuned.  We can’t wait to see a drenched Pat on facebook!





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