What’s shaking?


What’s happening?






How you doing?




How’s your day going?


How do you answer any of those questions?


Shaking?  Yeah. I had a few too many last night.


Happening?  Uhm.  Life?  What did I miss?


Behaving?  Sure. (wink wink)  You  idiot!


Sup?  Up yours.


Doing?  Every chance I get.


Hey?  What the hell? Were you born a goof?  Or just act like one?


How’s your day?  Day?  Hell, I don’t even know what day it is.  Is it still July?


Small talk?  Or just our way of greeting one another?


Let’s be honest.


OMG.  Did you have a stroke or what?


Did you know your butt is hanging out of your pants?


I love you too. What’s your name again?


Got any weed?


Shut up Pat!









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