As a rule of thumb, Fridays are a happy day.


Last day of the work week.


Pay day.


Anticipating weekend plans.


Wrapping up the loose ends.


Problems and issues resolved.


Oh yeah?


The backroom had a melt down.


Tears, eating frenzies, and cruel and unusual punishment were abundant.


One of the fabulous 5 had the audacity to take the day off.


What the hell?


We needed her support.


And her phone slamming, to bring us back to reality.


Even the princess showed signs of madness.


In the spot light, was the Beaver.


Her world has turned upside down.


Oscar, the martyr, added to the mayhem, as she slowly relinquished control over her account.


Wolfy, the ultimate idiot, could not upstage the drama.


She needs that edge to incite chaos.


And when it was time to leave, the fabulous four, minus one,  left the building, singing the chorus to “You are my sunshine, my only sunshine.”


And they hugged one another.


There is truth to the rumor:  Misery loves company.


Or as Scarlett O’Hara once said, “Tomorrow is another day.”


So we had a bad day?


So what?  On Tuesday, we will celebrate Candis’ birthday.


Bring ice cream.


And hot fudge.


Can’t wait!




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