“I can’t figure out some things about life, Minnie.”


“I feel a rant coming on.”


“I bought some new sweaters today.  Why?  I have a closet full of stuff I never wear.  When I think about it, I can only wear one sweater at a time.  When do we have too many clothes?”


“Donate, Wolf.  Give it away.  And then buy new clothes.”


“Moving right along, When I go grocery shopping, I pick up a circular.  Oh!  Buy one, get two free.  This week it was English muffins.  Hell, Minnie. What am I going to do with 3 packs of English muffins?”


“Feed them to the birds?”


“I looked at new cars this weekend.  The one I want is $35,000.  If I wait another year, and buy it used, it will probably be $20,000. Is a new car really worth the price?”


“Get one of those on the bargain lot.  $5000 tops.  And no more than 150,000 miles.”


“Then there is social security.  Every paycheck, every month, we pay.  And when we are old enough to collect, guess what?  We have to pay taxes on it.  What the hell?”


“There is no free lunch, Wolf.”


“I have a doctor appointment tomorrow.  What’s the first question I will be asked?”


“Show me the money, or your insurance card.”


“Right.  Even the ER gathers that information, as you are dying on the gurney.”


“You really think the medical profession is all about saving lives?”


“And what’s with the marijuana thing?  It’s a weed.  But it is illegal?  Who says?”


“The Feds, Wolf.  Very bad, marijuana.”


“It’s cheap, plentiful and of course, a threat to the pharmaceuticals.”


“Never fight city hall.”


“And now I hear the wine prices are going up.”


“Yeah.  Those damn winos.  If only they would drink in moderation.  You know, you could give up wine.”


“End of rant, Minnie.  Some things are worth the price.”






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