After a rough week, Saturday at last!

Sleep in!


My internal alarm rings at 5am.

The cats are hungry.

I feed them.

They don’t like the food.

Half pint walks to the door.

I open it.

It’s raining.

He cries.

Stop the rain, please.

He won’t go out.

Back to the kitchen.

Feed me.

I try another can of cat food.


Back to the door.


I need coffee.

I made it last night.

It is way too strong.

I should know better to make coffee when I am half in the bag.

I am wired.

Time to get rolling.

Hair dresser.

I have very short hair.

The gal asks me how I want it cut.

Hey, what do you think? Do I have many choices here?

Off to the grocery store.

It’s pouring.

I am soaking wet wandering around the store, half blind.

I forgot my glasses.

I am hungry.

I get the groceries and walk to the front door.

It is still raining.

I won’t go out.

Have I turned into my cat?

I venture out in the rain.

I am wet and so are the groceries.

Geez, what else do I have to do?

The gas station, the beer store, the pharmacy, the wine store, and the bank.

Finally home.

Now to carry all this stuff inside.

Did I mention it was raining?

Wet again.

The cats are waiting.

Guess what?


Can’t I have a beer and relax first, guys?

Beer is luke warm.

They don’t care.

I feed them.

They don’t like the food.

Half Pint goes to the door.

Yes, raining.

He won’t go out.

I make a ham and cheese sandwich.

Guess what?

The cats like ham.

They are sleeping now.

I am hungry.

I go to the door, thinking about a trip to the pub for dinner.

It’s raining.

I won’t go out.

To hell with it.

Move over guys, let’s take a nap and start again tomorrow.



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