Living in the country:


Things I like:


Taking out the garbage at 7am in pajamas and nobody sees my ridiculous ass.


Birds substitute for alarm clocks.


The nearest neighbor is half a mile away.


Entertainment is sitting on the deck and watching the wild life frolicking in the yard.


Pets have freedom to explore the outdoors.


Wild flowers spring up in the most unusual places.


The changing of the seasons is magnified:  The silence of the snow, the chirping of the crickets, the falling leaves of autumn, and the first robin.


What I don’t like about living in the country:


The last place to be plowed.


The first place to lose power in a storm.


The long trek to a grocery store.


Those damn birds when you want to sleep in.


Well water.


No deliveries from the restaurants.


No kids on Halloween.


Getting stuck in the driveway when it snows.


The main thing is what I love to hate:  Complacency. Leaving the peace and tranquility to join the rest of the world. 


Is it worth it?


It’s not for everyone.


It can be challenging and sometimes, downright difficult.


But after a long day, there is no place like home, in the country.







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