Observations on a Thursday:


A cold front brought refreshing, delightful weather to the area.  What a great treat.


Eating garlic knots for lunch is not for the meek.


Bob celebrated 20 years of service today, by treating all of us to bagels and coffee.  Congratulations, Bob. And thank you.


I attended a safety meeting today.  I was surprised and pleased with the focus of the group.  And of course, I just had to volunteer my cube mate Pat, for a variety of safety projects. Now Pat hates me.  Shut up, Pat.


Bebe, the beloved hairless cat, is alive, but has a very short life span.  It seems that those who bring us joy and happiness are special, but are often called to another life, long before we are ready to say goodbye.


It’s been said, orange is the new black.  I say, Candis is the new Erica.


My new meds are not working. I am wilder than ever.


Our HR manager has been off site all week.  He came back today. Why did I have to tell him his hair looked like a plucked chicken? 


Barb is happy.  Her pink and purple “do” is now a muted shade of mauve.  She looks fabulous.


Pat, the queen bee (not the shut up Pat), has included me in her quest for a sugar daddy.  If she finds one, she will insist, I am part of the deal. 


There is a special person in Lisa’s crew:  Lucy.  What a riot she is.  If you enjoyed the old “I love Lucy”, you should meet this Lucy.  What a trip.


People made the difference today, as always.  Such a great group of people to work with.  I am so very blessed.






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