Six cubicles.


One empty.


Five very different people.


If they had met in another world, would it be the same?


Hardly soul mates, but then what is a soul mate, when you have cube mates?


If you have worked in a similar work place, aren’t there always one or two others that drive you nuts?


Consider this:


A frantic, deranged phone slammer, who has a penchant for control, and never loses an argument.  She mixes wild tantrums with infectious laughter.  She loves to schmooze with everyone, but never fails to give her opinion.  She manages her account with ease and success, an account she loves to hate.  She provides an unending entertainment and high energy to her team of cubies. 


In the cube behind her:  The ultimate martyr, the pitiful victim, who comes in early, stays late, and gets silent when stressed.  After she sheds her tears, her mood suddenly changes. She stands up, shakes her booty and acts like a goof.  She hogs the printer and never misses a deadline.  She gives 100%, but makes sure we all know it.  Who are these strange people who sit around her?  How dare they laugh and enjoy their work life?  And then, the expletives fly.  Miss goody two shoes?  Hardly.


In the next cubicle sits the princess.  The young “thang”, who is way too intelligent who learned everything in about 2 weeks, and can handle whatever is thrown at her.  She came into this odd mixture of cube mates with an sterling reputation. Always a professional, always the star.  No negativity would ever cross the lips of this admirable worker.  Oh yeah?  A few months have passed, and the super star is a silly rabbit, who finally opened up, admitted her frustrations, and laughs hysterically, in her new crazed environment.


Moving on, in cubicle number 4 is the woman who demands her space, her freedom, her priorities. She takes charge and gets things done.  I need this.  I need that.   A born leader, who gets what she wants when she wants it.  She loves to learn, to direct, and to get things done, her way.  If you interrupt her train of thought, or her lunch hour, expect to be told to buzz off.  However, delve a little deeper and you will see a soft hearted cupcake,  a party animal, a socially active woman, with a deep love for her friends, pets and coworkers.


In the 5th cube is the oldest living working ( well semi working) individual, who has had the same account for 10 years, and still finds it challenging.  She is either an idiot, or crazy.  And most people don’t even bother to decide which it is.  It’s been said she loves everyone.  How can that be?  But she does. Her favorite part of the day is to interact with others.  She can’t help being obnoxious, stirring up nonsense and laughter.  She can be a real pain in the ass, but doesn’t care.  She is not afraid to take on the difficult customers, as she takes their problems seriously, but never takes herself seriously.


An unlikely mix of people, unique, and diverse.  But somehow, they click, and contribute their uniqueness every day, to make working a joy.





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