“I love taking a break at 255pm every day, Minnie.”

“How come?”

“The 3 oclockers leave for the day.  I watch them parade out the door, smiling, hugging one another, and blowing kisses.  It is a veritable love fest.”

“Just what are you doing when all this loving is going on?”

“I stand by the door, and wish them a lovely evening, mentioning, of course, that they are all wonderful, beautiful and special.”

“What the hell? Are you running for office?  Who died and made you the official good bye girl?  You still have 2 hours to work when the 3 oclock crowd leaves.  What’s so great about watching people leave while you are still on the clock?”

“Well, sometimes, I sneak my way into the love fest, and get hugs and kisses and all that jazz.  My favorite part is when I hear, “Mamacita! Have a great evening.”

“Who is Mamacita?”

“I am, you idiot.  They all know I am the harmless old goat who lives in a fantasy world, who believes that everyone needs a fairy God Mother, who wishes you well, when you leave your job.”

“Isn’t it more important to welcome people, when they start work?  To say ‘Good morning! Have a nice day.'”

“That is not the role of Mamacita.  I prefer to be the last one they see, when they leave work. Do you know how important it is to be acknowledged after a difficult day?  I love to see them smile.”

“Hey, they are smiling because they are leaving, you goof.  Mamacita has nothing to do with it.”

“In the words of Billy Joel, ‘You may be right.  I may be crazy, but it just may be a mamacita you are looking for.'”

“Go for it, Wolf.  If it makes you happy, and you believe you make a difference, indulge your fantasies.”

“Are you saying I take my break at 255pm to make me happy?  That it has nothing to do with those who leaving?  That I am delusional?  Are you challenging my beliefs?”

“Of course not.  Keep taking that 255pm break, Mamacita.  It really does make a difference….. to you.”





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