“Now that you have reached a senior status in this world, any advice for the youngsters, Wolf?”

“Well, now, let me think about that.  I certainly would not want others to follow in my footsteps, or any one else’s for that matter.  It all comes down to doing what you love.  But don’t count on anything lasting forever.  Life is like that. Change is inevitable.  There are times when you believe your heart is broken, that there is no hope.  You can give in to it, or move forward.  And your choices in life make all the difference.”

“But some people are born into a world of wealth, fame, and ease.  What about those who continue to struggle?”

“We all have our crosses to bear, Minnie.  And we never really know when our time is up. The most precious thing we have is today. Think about those we admire most:  Ann Frank, Mahatma Ghandi, JFK, Nelson Mandela, Jesus of Nazareth, MLK Jr, to name a few.  What made them so unforgettable?  Their zest for life and uncompromising belief that life, no matter how difficult, is precious. And above all, they could make a difference.”

“Are you saying that you can make a difference, Wolf?”

“Not in the same sense as our heroes, Minnie, but in our small worlds, yes, we all can make a difference.”


“Look beyond yourself. Do the best you can, whatever you are doing. Share what you have, and make it a priority to acknowledge and appreciate others.  And never forget, most of us are struggling, in some way or another.  Be positive, listen, and be non judgmental. Accept and enjoy diversity and let others be who they are.”

“Anything else?”

“Take time to reflect, to meditate, to learn, and to laugh.”

“That’s it?”

“Almost.  Don’t forget what your mother said: Eat your vegetables and always wear clean undies.”




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