Getting old? Want to learn how to deal with it?  Here is Wolf’s advice:

1.  Don’t get too fat. If you do, you will not get much older.

2.  Find reasons to celebrate every day.  Turn an ordinary day into a special day.

3.  Share what you have.  You can’t take it with you.

4.  Drink light beer.  You will still have to pee every 15 minutes, but you can drink a hell of a lot more beer and it will flush out those kidney stones.

5.  Go for a walk, unless, of course, you hate walking.  In that case, forget it.

6.  Don’t try to look younger.  Who the heck are you kidding?

7.  Don’t live in a retirement community, unless you  have blue hair and love bingo.

8.  Travel.  Well, at least to the liquor store.

9.  If you don’t want to do it, say no.  No one expects you to do it, anyway.

10.  A clean house is not always worth the effort.

11.  Want to retire?  Ok. Then what?

12.  Don’t hang around people who whisper.  They get tired of hearing you say:  “Huh?”

13.  Less is more.

14.  Class reunions?  Skip them.  Who cares about the glory days?

15. Always check your pants before you put them on.  You never know when your undies may be in those pants.  Very tacky. Undies dragging behind you.

16.  If you are still working, love what you are doing.  And for Pete’s sake, don’t quit.  Nobody else would hire you.

17.  Write a blog.  On second thought, don’t.

18.  Laugh.  A lot.  Laughter transcends, and makes us all equals.

19.  Treat everyone with respect.  Give credit to others, and do it sincerely.

20.  Live in the moment.  After all, life is made up of moments.

21. Life is fleeting. Health is fleeting. But love lasts forever.  While you are still here, on earth, love one another.  We are all lovable.




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