“So, you have decided on your Halloween outfit, eh, Wolf?”

“Yup. And don’t ask. It is a surprise.”

“Can you give me a hint?”

“No, but you can ask me 10 questions.”

“Are you going as a bag of weed?”

“Shoot, I should have thought of that. But ……no.”

“Are you going as something alive?”

“Sort of…. an endangered species.”

“An animal?”


“I knew it: A cougar.”

“Hell no, I am a cougar every day.”

“Are you dressing up as an aging rock star?”

“That’s question number 5.  Wrong.”

“Can you give me another hint?”

“You blew question number 6.  No.”

“Does your costume have wings?”


“An angel?”


“So you fly?”

“Not ergonomically, but yes.”

“I got it!  It’s a left over hippie, right?  No, wait, a witch.  One more choice, a flying squirrel?”

“Sorry, Minnie.  Wrong on all accounts.  Enough hints.  Your time is up.  Let’s see if anyone else can come up with the right answer.”





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