I heard the news.

For a limited time, Apothic Dark is back in the wine and spirits store.

I got up early.

Had to beat the crowd.

That wine goes fast.

Blueberry, blackberry, coffee, and chocolate flavors.

It is decadent.

And potent.

Stopped by the grocery store to pick up veal cutlets and spinach.

What a great dinner and a great wine to top it off.

I grabbed a cart at the spirits store.

Went to the wine section.

No apothic dark.

Approached the clerk.

Oh, we have it.  But you can’t buy it until October.

What the hell?

It is not supposed to be on the shelf until October.

The announcement said: there will be no wine until its’ time. We can’t sell it.

Oh really?  You have it, but you can’t sell it.  How much do you have?

Plenty.  14 cases.

I see.  Have you ever tasted Apothic Dark?

No.  Why?  Is it good?

It is so good that those 14 cases won’t last long.  Take a look at the label, and see what you think.

Chocolate and berries and coffee! Oh my!  After today, I need to have a bottle.

My sentiments, exactly.

OK.  If you promise not to tell anyone, you can have it.

As I was checking out, the clerk said, “Shhhhh.  Remember it’s a secret.”

My lips are sealed.

Not for long, she said.




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