September newsletter:

Hello all.

Welcome to fall.

Let’s have a ball.

And if you are sick, don’t call.

Just get your butt into work.

We have a new HR manager.  If you haven’t met him yet, just bring food.  And he will appear.

That brings me to the age old problem of the refrigerator.

Do you have to bring in all your groceries?  The damn thing is overloaded.  Who is eating all that food?  Please note: this excludes the HR Manager.  That man loves his groceries.

We have noticed a disturbing trend in the back room.  Ever since someone, who shall remain nameless, started the food pantry in Carl’s old cube, there is constant, continuous commotion in the pantry.  The food frenzy has given those back room crazies more reasons to bask in their dysfunctional behavior.  We are trying to get those drama queens under control, and now they are more wild than ever.  We are thinking of moving someone into that cube to stop the madness.  However, several people have threatened to quit if they are banished to the back room.  The HR manager has volunteered to move in, but only if the food pantry stays.

I hope this newsletter helped to provide a warm welcome for our new HR guy.  He is very happy to be with us.  I had the opportunity to interview him on Friday, and he only has one question:  Who’s going to Cali Burrito on Monday?  I want some fish tacos.





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