She went to bed early on Sunday night.

2 glasses  of wine and a thousand or so beers under her belt.

A bitter sweet Sunday night.

Aren’t all Sunday nights that way?

The last day of summer and the end of the weekend.

Her pillow was waiting.  She loves her pillow.

Turned on the TV and the AC.

White noise.  Great for snoozing.

The alarm went off at 4am.

Ooops she did it again. Why didn’t she wear her glasses when she dinked around with the clock?

Oh well, it is always nice to watch the sun come up in the morning.

2 hours and she was still waiting.

Time to head out for work.

Oh there’s the sun.  Damn.  She can’t see a thing. Never drive East to work.  Brutal.

A typical Monday awaited with its usual challenges.

So many, in fact, that the day whizzed by.

Not much time for socializing.  In fact, none.  Everyone was busy, and preoccupied.

She managed to read 3 pages of her book at lunch, and then gave it up when her phone kept ringing.

Remembering her basic philosophy, she turned on her “live in the moment” attitude.

She walked outside, and felt the brisk Autumn wind.

The equinox was approaching.

Another summer gone.

A bitter sweet Monday, saying good bye to one season, and welcoming in another.

But isn’t that what life is all about?

She drove home, West, at 5pm.  There it is again. The sun saying goodbye.

The blinding sun beckoned her into the pub.

She raised her glass, a toast to yesterday.

And had another for today.

And one more for tomorrow.

It was a bitter sweet day.






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