“I see you got into the Apothic dark last night, Wolf.”

“Yeah.  It wiped me out, Minnie.”

“Good thing your car broke down.  You never would have made it into work.”

“No word, yet, from the service department, Minnie.  I think the old buggy may have bit the dust.”

“So now what?”

“I am considering a few options.  I might sneak up to the horse farm, and ride a cock horse to Banbury Cross. To see a fine lady upon a white horse.”

“Oh for stupid.”

“Or I might hitch a ride.  You know, hitch, hitch, hitching a ride.  I see plenty of Amish horse and buggies around here. And I love to wear bonnets and maxi dresses.”

“What about a bike? That might work.”

“I have a bike in the basement.  It’s one of those pseudo bikes.  It goes nowhere, no matter how fast I pedal.”

“You haven’t been on that exercise bike since 1969.”

“I thought you were going to say, ‘We haven’t had that spirit here since 1969.'”

“Are you still tipping the Apothic wine?”

“You know, Minnie.  This is a serious issue.  I might have to stay home forever, and call the liquor store, to deliver.”

“Just what are you going to do, Wolf?”

“At this moment, I have absolutely no idea.  But being stranded is not all that bad.  I slept til 10am, wore my hello kitty robe all day, and was home, to talk to the doctor.”

“What doctor?”

“Oh, you know, my new doctor.  She called.  “Where are you?  Why haven’t you showed up for your blood test?  We are open everyday at 7am. Get your butt down here.”

“What did you tell her?”

“I told her I could not possibly take the blood test anytime soon.  I am stranded and half in the bag.”

“Oh for crazy!”

“I remember the old days, when I was a kid.  Cars were not invented yet, and my favorite beau was Abe Lincoln.  It was no big deal to be “stranded”, until of course, Abe went to the Strand Theater.”

“That was the Ford Theater, you idiot.”

“Same thing. My ride is at the Ford dealer.  And I am stranded.”

“Aren’t you the slightest bit worried?”

“Heck no.  Dying is part of life.  Not the most pleasant thing, of course, but it happens.  So, if Bessy expired, I will have to kiss her fat ass goodbye and welcome in a newer version.  I have always been an advocate of going younger.  After all, I am a cougar.”






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